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Generating value through rapid operational improvement: FasTrack

Many deals fail because the savings and operational alignment aren’t pursued quickly and decisively enough or are too vague or unrealistic to be realised. We bring a practical, well-defined and fast-paced approach to developing and executing operational improvement plans for the new business, underpinned by clearly quantifiable targets.

Our clients ask:

  • How do I build on the value opportunities identified in the first phase of the deal?
  • How do I develop detailed and actionable plans for operational improvements in key areas from procurement and supply chain optimisation, overhead efficiencies through to sales and channel effectiveness?
  • How do I implement the operational improvement plan?

How we solve it:

Our approach is built around generating real change and tangible value. Once the deal is signed we carry out a thorough appraisal of the acquired entity’s operations, re-evaluating the opportunities identified in the pre-deal assessment and turn these into a detailed executable value driven operational improvement plan. We can then help to make sure that plans are executed against tight timelines to maximise the value and generate momentum for further improvements down the line.

Our approach is rooted in practical experience of what works in particular sectors. Most of our clients are private equity buyers and we understand their distinct value objectives and timelines for delivery. We work closely with management and operational teams to help make sure that targets are realistic, sustainable and realised, and where possible exceeded.  This gives the management team confidence that they’ll get the most from the deal whilst allowing them to remain focused on running their business.

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