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Seeing the bigger picture: Operational due diligence

Failure to assess the full potential for operational savings and efficiency improvements could leave significant amounts of untapped value on the table. We can help you to identify, quantify and prioritise this value and work with you to then develop and execute plans for realising it.

Our clients ask:

  • How do I get a clear understanding of a target’s risks across the whole business?
  • How do I evaluate and prioritise the savings potential from operational improvements and then translate these into hard numbers to inform the investment case and price negotiations?
  • If cost saving or profit improvement initiatives are already in place, how can I assess progress, completion and contingency plans. Importantly, how do we see if more value can be achieved?
  • How can I develop and implement a plan to create maximum value?
  • How can I prioritise value creation opportunities?

How we solve it:

We work closely with both corporate and private equity buyers to provide a tangible estimate of the potential value and advise on key deal issues and opportunities. In particular, we specialise in challenging management’s business plans and understanding the potential for rapid operational improvements.  On the sell side, our operational due diligence helps clients to identify potential surprises and sustain pace, control and initiative throughout the sale process.

Our combination of unrivalled industry experience and well-honed deal expertise means that we know what to look for in the target business and how the issues can be addressed. We won’t waste your time with vague assessments and impractical objectives. Instead, we provide a tangible and actionable view of the potential value opportunity as well as the risks and then stand by you delivering it.

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