Valuations - recent deals

Key deals we have worked on:

Financial services

  • IBRC - Valuation of a £20 billion portfolio of loans held by IBRC (formally Anglo Irish Bank) for the purpose of a sale or transfer to NAMA.
  • Asset management - Valuation advice on deals and restructurings for a range of leading asset management and private equity clients.
  • Charman v Charman - Valuation expert evidence acting on behalf of Mrs Charman in her divorce proceedings.
  • Lehman Brothers - Valuation of a number of businesses and portfolios held with the Lehman business on behalf of the PwC administration.
  • Insurance deal support - Valuation advice on a number of the most significant and largest recent deals and restructurings.
  • Financial service valuations - Over 2 million derivative valuations per annum including supporting the auditing of the balance sheets of our global financial services clients.
  • Asset management - Strategic review to identify which investments deliver the most opportunities to accelerate organic growth and drive long term returns.
  • Asset management - Support in how to quantify and communicate management's performance in delivering long-term value in the event of shareholder activism.

Energy, Utilities, Infrastructure, Mining

  • Global petrochemical business - Valuation expert evidence in multi-billion dollar international arbitration proceedings.
  • Infrastructure fund valuations - Independent valuation advisor for more than 10 leading infrastructure and sovereign wealth funds providing fair values of their investment portfolios.
  • State owned oil and gas company  - Independent valuation advice to the Independent Directors of one of the largest state owned oil and gas companies in relation to a recent acquisition.
  • Diversified global mining company - Performed the purchase price allocation of a prominent diamond mining company(US$10bn+) in accordance with IFRS3R valuing both the tangible and intangible assets including the value of its mineral properties, brands, customer relationships and other contracts.

Industrial products and services

  • Large global airline group - Commercial valuation to assist with the internal restructuring of the group's frequent flyer programs.
  • Airports - Financial reporting valuation expert for numerous international and UK airports.
  • British conglomerate - Valuation for executive remuneration purposes of a large British conglomerate with assets across the financial services, logistics, shipping, offshore and retail sectors.
  • Leading pharmaceutical business- Business portfolio review to identify where value is being created / destroyed.
  • Storage business - Review of what expectations of future performance are being built into share price and what it will take to deliver them.

Retail, consumer, leisure, property

  • FTSE 100 consumer goods business - Intangible asset valuations for one of the UK’s leading branded businesses.
  • UK real estate manager - Independent expert under the Articles of Association to determine the value of departing shareholders equity holdings.
  • Global footwear retailer - Valuation under the Articles every 6 months to determine the price for an internal market in shares.
  • Hotel management company - Valuation of luxury hotel management company to support strategic decision-making.
  • Brand valuation - Advised on the valuation of several consumer and retail brands for the purposes of deal negotiations, financial reporting and tax structuring.
  • Soft drink manufacturer - Business portfolio review to identify where value is being created / destroyed.

Technology, telecommunications and media

  • Multi-billion dollar mobile device and set-top box manufacturer - Performed valuations of businesses for acquisition and subsequent divestiture.
  • Small venture-backed technology company - Advised on pricing considerations and value ranges for potential acquisition of a small venture-backed technology company.
  • Multi-billion dollar Internet services business - Performed pre-deal valuations of entities located in US, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Israel, and India.
  • Telecom group - Stock price under/over-performance analysis.

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