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Corporate Reporting workshops


Wednesday 20 October 2021

BPTA 2021: Remuneration Reporting Workshop

Sharing insights on how companies can explain and justify the appropriateness of executive director remuneration in the context of corporate performance, longer-term company strategy and pay arrangements for the wider workforce.


Thursday 21 October 2021

BPTA 2021: Corporate Governance and Strategic Reporting Workshop

As companies work to reflect a fast-changing world in their reporting, against a background of the most extensive regulatory proposals for many years, transparency and accountability have never been more important - or more challenging.


Thursday 11 November 2021

BPTA 2021: Building trust through Tax Transparency, the new ESG metric

Exploring the links between tax and ESG, covering an update of the latest developments in public country-by-country reporting and practical updates on a range of other tax reporting metrics.


Wednesday 17 November 2021

BPTA 2021: Upskilling Reporting Workshop



Thursday 25 November 2021

Climate Change and Sustainability Reporting Workshop

With an array of ever evolving ESG reporting requirements, with TCFD at the forefront but also emerging requirements such as the UK's green taxonomy, understanding and incorporating ESG matters into the way companies are run is paramount. Building Public Trust through both Climate Change and Sustainability Reporting is a vital component to address these challenges.


Tuesday 7 December 2021

Charity Reporting Workshop

Exploring the latest developments in charity reporting and provide practical advice on how charities can continue to develop and how they communicate with their stakeholders.


Thursday 20 January 2022

Public Sector Reporting Workshop

Focusing on the key aspects for Public Sector organisations to consider in their FY21/22 annual reporting with updates from key Public Sector stakeholders.


Previous workshops

Thursday 25 June 2020

Tax transparency and Sustainability

There has been a shift in focus on the tax transparency landscape towards sustainability. From the release of the new GRI sustainability standard on tax at the end of 2019, and the increasing interest from Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investors, to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the implications for tax and tax transparency are wide ranging.

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Wednesday 9 September 2020

Strategic and Governance reporting

The 2019/20 reporting cycle has concluded against a global backdrop unlike any other encountered by UK businesses. Against this background transparency and accountability has never been more important. Our aim is to help companies navigate the latest reporting challenges.

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Wednesday 14 October 2020

Remuneration reporting

In light of the impacts of Covid-19 and the increased focus on fairness, we'll share insights on how companies can explain and justify the remuneration of executive directors in the context of corporate performance, longer-term company strategy and pay arrangements for the wider workforce. As part of this we'll reflect on good practice reporting against Provision 41 of the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code.

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Thursday 15 October 2020

Impact in Social Enterprise: Engaging with Corporates

(in association with the School for Social Entrepreneurs)

Importance and value of collaboration between corporates and social enterprises, with a particular emphasis on supply chains and the support we have given Black led SE's in response to Black Lives Matter.

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Wednesday 11 November 2020

Charity reporting

How charities are building trust through financial reporting; SORP Engagement Process; impact reporting; Covid-19 reporting; reporting over risks, uncertainties and financial sustainability.

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Thursday 26 November 2020

Climate Change and Sustainability reporting

Over the past 12 months we have seen a dramatic rise in public commitments to Net Zero, rapid growth in uptake of the TCFD recommendations, and a continued focus on Purpose and broader ESG matters (particularly in response to Covid-19). This means it’s more important than ever to Build Public Trust through transparent and impactful Climate Change and Sustainability reporting.

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Tuesday 19 January 2021

Public Sector reporting

(in association with the National Audit Office)

Focus on the key aspects for Public Sector organisations to consider in their FY20/21 annual reporting.

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Wednesday 27 January 2021 

New world. New skills. reporting

Accelerated need for a skills strategy and effective reporting on the back of Covid-19. We explore how this agenda can be prioritised in such a challenging environment.

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Thursday 25 February 2021 

Social Impact Measurement Masterclass

Organisations are increasingly looking to understand and enhance their impact on society. Media, customers and stakeholders have greater awareness of these issues today and are holding organisations accountable.

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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Building trust through Tax Transparency, the new ESG metric

The role and function of business in society is evolving. Both external and internal stakeholders are taking a keener interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and the impact of business on the environment and society. Tax is increasingly considered as a sustainability issue, but what does this mean for businesses and how are tax teams responding?

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