Promoting wellbeing

To give our clients a great experience we need to make sure our people are motivated to give their best and are in good health. Without the right support their health may be affected, resulting in increased sickness and absenteeism, and decreased engagement and performance, posing a risk to the quality of our services and ultimately our reputation.

So it’s important we help our people to take care of themselves by providing tools and guidance to support their physical and mental health.

Our approach

By moving towards a more proactive approach to our people’s wellbeing, we’ve an opportunity to pre-empt potential absences and design innovative programmes that truly enable them to have a healthy, engaging work life.

Supporting our people’s wellbeing begins with ‘the deal’, shown below. Launched nearly two years ago, it’s a framework designed to understand better what our people value from working with us and what we expect in return. It’s integral to our development conversations with them so that they can play to their strengths and focus on what matters to them.

We also monitor the wellbeing of our people every year through our employee survey. This tells us how they feel about our performance and progress, helping us to improve our programmes further.

The deal


  • Recognition: We want all our people to feel valued for who they are, their personal contribution and their potential.
  • Personal growth: We give our people opportunities to help shape their career and fulfil their potential.
  • Work: We offer our people the chance to work with many of the world’s leading companies and organisations where the work will be both challenging and stimulating.
  • People: They’ll be able to build long-lasting relationships, both within and outside the firm, which will stay with them throughout their career.
  • Firm: There’s a chance to be part of something special and enjoy experiences that will stay with them.
  • Reward: We’ll reward our people fairly and competitively.



Some of the ways we promote wellbeing include:

  • Establishing People Managers across the business whose role is to provide consistent support and advice to each individual in the firm, and improve how our people feel about working at PwC.
  • Communicating to our people throughout the year with information, resources and events to raise awareness of relevant health issues such as musculoskeletal risks, stress management, and the need to be active as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recognising the importance of mental health in the workplace we are signatories of the Time to Change Pledge and host events and communicate regularly to raise awareness of mental health issues.
  • A comprehensive resilience and wellbeing programme for teams to help our people build their resilience, or ability to effectively deal with the demands on them, and to bounce back from setbacks. The workshops help teams to re-energise and sustain performance whilst keeping well – both physically and psychologically. ‘Wellbeing Champions’ in local teams take a role in coordinating their team resilience plans, and in encouraging team members to talk about how they are feeling.
  • Integrating the development of resilience as a skill through our learning and development curriculum, from new starts to partners, so at each stage of their career our people get the help to build their resilience that they need.
  • Providing onsite health facilities in many of our bigger offices including dental practices and medical providers.
  • Having a dedicated Health and Wellbeing section on our intranet which provides our people with access to a wide range of support, guidance and information on keeping fit and healthy, plus a specialist internal Occupational Health Team, linking directly to our external expert provider.
  • Considering our people’s wellbeing in the design of our buildings. For instance our newer offices are designed to allow more daylight, which helps to boost people’s immune system and has a positive impact on their alertness and productivity. They also have facilities for our people to take time out and rest or reflect during the day.
  • Encouraging an active lifestyle by providing facilities such as bike racks, showers and lockers, cycling and walking route information, and discounts on gym membership to encourage our people to keep active.
  • Ensuring that healthy, nutritious food is available for our people via the restaurants in our offices, and ensuring that vending machines include healthy options, as well as encouraging our people to keep hydrated through the day.
  • Offering our people training and information on how to manage their health and wellbeing in a 24/7 world through ‘digital dieting’, as part of wider resilience programmes.

Helping to shape a workplace for an evolving workforce, by providing staff with a set of diverse and flexible benefits, where there is something for everyone. This includes support through changing life stages, where people may want extra wellbeing assistance, such as maternity and parental leave coaching; and emergency backup care for when employees’ regular care arrangements break down, or where they need care at home themselves, such as after illness of injury. Plus we have robust policies on flexible working, career breaks, and various types of time off to help balance work and home commitments.

Our people networks: our Parents Network offers webinars, seminars and guidance information as well as the opportunity to offer support and share experiences with others, and our Disability and Wellbeing network (DAWN) has a programme of activities that includes a key focus on mental wellbeing.

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