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Video Transcript: Our Mosaic

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ColourBrave Mosaic Project

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Sarah Churchman:

We've been really focused on equality and diversity at PwC for the last two decades. As long as we've got groups underrepresented in the most senior grades, we know we have more work to do, and working with some of our partners, with the London School of Mosaics to forward the agenda.

David Toothil:

It's wonderful to be working with PwC on a mosaic around the subject area of diversity, because that's exactly what we believe in. I think that the mosaic that PwC have designed is absolutely about this idea and notion, how do we make sure everyone is included? How can we all be at the table?

David Adair:

The great thing about this project has been seeing all the different people working together on the Muslim network, the Jewish network, Shine, the Gender Balance network, but also some of our community partners, from the ColourBrave charities and their beneficiaries, all working together to create a mosaic, which we will then take to our Embankment Place offices. We will place it there and then we will launch it.

Jasmine Campbell:

I think this is a great little reminder that's going to be up in EP to say we are committed to this.

Adi Goldman:

It's quite exciting because it's something for all of our colleagues to see and appreciate, and I can be part of something special.

Xavier Dabire:

There's an Asian community, the Black community, the gender neutral community. So the mosaic will represent each and every different aspect.

Jasmine Campbell:

It's really about celebrating who we are as individuals, which is really kind of why we're here today.

Emily Webb:

I've definitely seen how diverse PwC is, can see how people would problem solve differently, how they work differently, how they might be creative in a completely different way to you. And it's so important that we're all working together are collaboratively.

Jessica Cohen:

Diversity to me means people from all different backgrounds coming together, feeling comfortable to share their whole self and everyone else celebrating that.

George Imafidon:

To me, diversity means everyone has a seat at the table that can be involved in the decision making and ultimately they feel like they belong.

Marco Berardi:

Diversity could be like different puzzle pieces of the mosaic, when they just fit together and they give this beautiful picture when you step back a little bit.

David Toothil:

The process is we lay the mosaic, then we ultimately will turn it into concrete on marine ply backing, and then we'll instal it in Embankment Place.

Sarah Churchman:

We've developed this fantastic mosaic. It's been a great collaboration.

George Imafidon:

Seeing the mosaic in the flesh is actually, I think a bit breathtaking for me because knowing that I worked on such a small part of this, but it's all come together. I probably worked on a that small. So to really see it come to life is amazing.

Iram Sarwar:

It's been great to walk in and the first thing you see is your mosaic, the hard work that you've put into it.

Zarin Tasnim:

Because so many other networks have been part of it, I think it's quite inspiring to other people that are coming into the firm to actually see that PwC represents such a huge variety of people.

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