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Technology is the future

As a health system evolves, the technology infrastructure should evolve with it. Healthcare technology is essential for connecting communities of people with care providers and payers and proactively managing overall health. But the healthcare sector has not kept pace with technological advancement and, in many cases, is playing catch up with other industries. PwC’s experience has taught us that reform needs to take place at two speeds - a short term focus on cost out with a mid-term focus on transformation. This dual process enables technical change that reduces costs, can be introduced at speed but is also evidence based and, most importantly, patient and staff centred.

How technology can drive transformation

Healthcare organisations across the UK are well aware of the challenges they face. An ageing population will require more care in the future, but budgets are under severe pressure today.

The only solution is transformational change. And technology will play a central role in delivering it. Of course, that transformation can’t happen overnight. But with the right approach, technology can help health organisations deliver both short-term needs, such as improving efficiency, as well as longer-term goals to fundamentally change healthcare delivery and achieve significantly better patient outcomes more effectively. Overall, the right technology interventions could deliver net benefits between £8bn and £13bn by FY20/21.

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