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NHS junior doctors workshop, January 2020 transcript

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I think doctors could definitely be equipped better about using technology in their work. And I think that could bring a lot of benefits to how care is delivered to patients. I think there are a lot of examples where technology can improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of care delivered.


I feel that my training, particularly at medical school, didn't really look at technology and how that would be part of our working. I kind of got thrust into it.


My training at the moment hasn't really touched upon the development of technology in the NHS. I think this is a topic I've kind of tried to look into myself after having frustrations with the current systems.


The bulk of the training I've had in terms of using technology was that that I've learned in my consumer life and that I've had to apply in my workplace.


It sounds very boring, but I think that part of my job that I would want to do better with the use of technology would just be simple things like documentation.


I think the technological advancement that will impact the NHS most in the future will be something quite simple and basic, like secure communication systems, like interoperable electronic patient records. These are things that other sectors have as a standard. 


Basically the way that I document everything that I do on a day to day basis. Nowadays, pretty much anything we ever do from the ward round firstly in the morning to your operations that you do to any conversations you have, all referrals you do, you need to be documenting everything. So it's all part of the patient notes. And I feel that that's something that can sometimes be quite clunky depending on the technology or the hardware that a particular hospital has. It would be nice to have something seamless to be able to make that a lot easier.


In my experience, technology has created more red tape and more administration. So I think we're at a stage of technology where technology brings a lot of downside, but a lot of the promise that it has had historically has not necessarily come to fruition. I believe doctors are sceptical of new technology as a result of that past experience.

Probably the biggest technological advance that could impact the NHS is interoperability of systems both between primary care and hospital secondary care.


I think the technological  impact from electronic systems where all notes from GP and previous admissions being available in one system would be, I think, the thing that has the most impact.

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