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As the UK's public institutions come together to deliver growth, they face a widespread lack of faith from members of the public. At this critical time, restoring the public's trust in our everyday services and institutions is central to creating a fair and sustainable economy.
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Our Future of Government research

Hear about the next phase of our research from Rachel Taylor, PwC UK’s Government and Health Industries Leader

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In this thought leadership programme, we use the term trust to describe the credibility, reliability and confidence an individual, or group, might ascribe to another (individual, group, institution or network of institutions). In the context of this programme, individuals and communities need to believe our public institutions care about their interests and have the capacity and capability to help.

Read our research positioning paper and join us in exploring how we can rebuild public trust.

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What does our initial public polling tell us?

We conducted research in February 2023 to explore what is driving levels of trust in public institutions, surveying 4,060 people and undertaking multiple focus groups. It found that nearly two-thirds of people did not trust public institutions to spend money wisely or to represent their interests, and nearly half did not trust them with making plans for the future.


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