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The Future of Government

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Without radical new thinking and new relationships between government and business, COVID-19 and the inevitable economic downturn will exacerbate existing inequalities across the UK. The COVID-19 crisis makes it even more important to address these inequalities and mitigate the worst impacts of a downturn, and provides an opportunity to do so.

“While COVID-19 was first seen by many as a leveller, it’s clear as time has passed that it’s become a driver of division. When we look beyond the immediate challenges of the pandemic towards recovery there's collective recognition of the need to build back fairer to create a more equitable, greener and sustainable future.”

Quentin Cole
Leader of Industry for Government and Health Industries

PwC’s Making the UK fairer research pre-COVID-19 showed that only 30% of people agree that “British society as a whole is fair”, yet the majority of the public agree that the government has the most responsibility for achieving fairness in the UK (70%).

How can government and business work together to address inequality - by geography, generation, gender and race - mitigate the worst impacts of a downturn and deliver a fair recovery from COVID-19? What are the implications for government transformation and the design and delivery of public services?

Drawing on new public research and convening across business, the public sector and civil society, PwC will explore these questions as part of the next phase of our Future of Government research programme.

Join us in exploring how together we can create a more equal and fairer UK.

Our areas of focus


How will the pandemic and its aftermath impact different places? What investment is needed to create productive places that balance environmental, economic and social needs?

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Social mobility

How can business and government ensure equality of opportunity for young people? How can educators and employers ensure people have the skills they need for future jobs?

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How can policy address the imbalances that meant that women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, largely due to their caring responsibilities and the impact on female-dominated industries such as social care, retail and education?

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What steps are needed to ensure that ethnic minorities are better represented in decisions about the recovery, at a national and local level and across government and business?

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