The UK Attractions sector

How is the UK attractions sector responding to more informed consumers with changing expectations?

Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and have ever increasing expectations. Across the attractions sector, there are signs that customers want more innovative, immersive and interactive experiences which provide value for money.

These are interesting times for attraction owners and operators as they respond to these trends.

Responding to ever increasing customer expectations by... Broadening the appeal, Embracing technology, Evolving the offer
Only 29% of visitor attractions have online booking facility

Embracing Technology

With 90% of adults under 35 using social media on a regular basis, the visitor experience is key. Technology permeates throughout all aspects of a visit ie before, during and afterwards. It can take many forms but whether it’s online booking facilities, wearable technology, cashless systems, queue busting technology, incorporation into the ride or experience itself (eg virtual reality), or even financial efficiencies from a business viewpoint, embracing technology across multiple aspects is critical to future success.

Broadening appeal

Successful attractions need to keep reinvesting to stay relevant. Creative industries are becoming a more important part of the supply chain and in the UK, the majority of the larger theme park and leisure parks now have some form of license agreement with major Intellectual Property providers (usually film or TV related). We are also seeing the development of new partnerships in order to penetrate different markets in a less capital intensive manner.

Visitors at a castle
Competitive pressures: New products, New themes, Segmentation

Evolving their offer

A key competitor for visitor attractions is in-home digital entertainment and gaming. However, this also offers an opportunity for attractions to provides distinctive, authentic and unique experiences that can’t be replicated elsewhere. As a result, we are seeing new products emerge from existing players, as well as a variety of new entrants who are often targeting specific segments of the market.

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