Innovation in energy podcast series

Welcome to our Innovation in Energy podcast series where we will be exploring some of the latest themes and insights from the energy sector as it goes through a significant transformation, fuelled by new challenges, new ideas and new technologies.

From the smart, flexible grid of the future to implications for strategy and operations, we discuss the new, emerging trends coming from innovation in energy. New episodes on a range of topics related to Innovation in Energy will be added regularly, with each episode lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. Sign up to listen to the podcasts on your desktop or mobile device, using one of the options below.

Latest episodes

Episode 2: Innovation in Energy

January 2018

A potential revolution in the energy industry is being led by the ongoing shift from the current system (based predominantly on fossil fuels) to a low carbon, smarter, and electrified system. Join PwC and third party experts in this podcast, as we examine the accelerating changes and the innovators who are tackling the sector, as it becomes increasingly digital, distributed and personalised.

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Episode 1: The energy transition

November 2017

From electric vehicles taking you to and from work, to solar panels on your roof, it’s clear that there are huge shifts happening in the energy world. In this first episode of our 'Innovation in Energy' series, we discuss some of the broader themes about the energy transition and how technology is disrupting business models across the sector.

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