Power and utilities

Digital technology and renewable energy generation are transforming the power and utilities sector. From the power plant to the customer and even beyond, we have the expertise to help you get ahead in a world of energy change.

From the emergence and potential of the connected home to the next generation of renewable energy technology, we help businesses understand and make the most of an ever changing landscape, characterised by innovation and transformation.

Disruption is leaving the door wide open for truly innovative companies in an industry increasingly taking advantage of digital technologies while preparing for the energy grid of the future. Consumers are demanding more from their suppliers and benefit from a greater choice than ever, only those businesses that can adapt, innovate and change will be able to succeed in this transformational era.

Our latest power and utilities insights

Solar PV - A partial eclipse?

The solar photovoltaics (PV) market has grown significantly in the last 5 years driven by Government subsidy. With the Government subsidies set to be cut in 2016 high levels of activity are expected across the supply chain. We anticipate an 18-24 month market downturn as installers struggle to make all but the best projects financially viable. A number of companies already entered administration (October 2015) due to the fundamental worsening of the economics of solar projects.

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