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Don’t expect deal success. Design for it.

We help you identify and realise rapid and sustainable value across the full transaction lifecycle – giving you a winning edge through the most complex deal situations.


We deliver a unique end-to-end deals service, to help you achieve success from your deals and create value through M&A, disposals and restructuring.

Dedicated Deal Value Architect: We provide an end-to-end deals specialist who will help design your deal and deliver the success that you expect.

Unrivalled deal acumen: We’ve been involved in more deals than any other adviser and have over 4,000 deals professionals in more than 75 countries. 

Strong industry knowledge and expertise: We will provide you the latest insights and identify opportunities that offer a good strategic fit.

Leading data and analytics expertise: We will bring you insight and answers quickly throughout your deal, using the latest tools and technology to help you make critical decisions with confidence.

Integrated technology, people and organisation skills: We help you engage with your employees throughout the process, retain key people and attract the right talent to allow you to transform and excel quickly. 

Deal Value Architects

Our Deal Value Architects have designed and overseen hundreds of successful deals, from developing the right strategy to ensuring the deal is executed seamlessly. They support companies to implement changes that will deliver synergies and improvements long after the deal is signed.

We measure our Deal Value Architects on the success of each deal, why don’t you?

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