Strategic Planning: Purpose & Values

Define the purpose and values of your family business

It is important to have a clear strategic plan covering the family, its business, family office and philanthropic entities. An emphasis on strategic and medium-term planning can enable families and their organisations to fulfil their goals and achieve their legacy. The plan should start with a shared vision of the purpose and agreed values to guide the decision-making process required to get there.

Our team have the tools and experience to support your family’s planning efforts across generations. We can help with strategic planning to define your purpose and values and develop plans both near-term and far into the future.

Put your values into action

PwC works closely with family businesses, family offices and families to support them with their strategic planning.  We have the tools and experience to support your legacy across generations. We can help you put your values into action, so you can make your mark on the world, build lasting value and create your legacy.  

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