Fast growth companies programme stage 1 – Start up

Where are you now?

You have an idea for a revolutionary or disruptive product or service with the potential to change the industry or marketplace. To fund development and to hone your ideas you may have attracted initial investors to kick start the business and take it to the next level. Achieving a commercially viable product or service as quickly as possible to take advantage of the market opportunity that you have identified is crucial.

What are your challenges?

  • Time – how on earth can you find the time to develop the product and manage all of the business issues as well?
  • Cash – you may have self-funded or had help from your network of contacts, but as the need for funding grows you might look to traditional forms of funding via Angel Investors, or even crowd funding or peer to peer financing.
  • A reality check – some entrepreneurs are lucky and have a co-founder or team around them who can help with this, but for others, having access to peers or entrepreneurs who have experienced this before can be invaluable in taking an independent look at the proposition.
  • Everything - How do you know when to start to employ staff, where should you locate, how do you access potential customers, how do you write a business plan? This can be a daunting time, but we can help.
Ten things to think about when starting your business

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