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Stakeholder Assurance

Building commercial advantage from reliable systems and trusted processes.

Performance, assured.

Today’s organisations operate in a highly demanding, interconnected world.

Increasing levels of outsourcing, lengthy supply chains and complex operations together with an increasing demand for ever more varied non-financial information to be presented to key stakeholders and regulators all serve to create myriad risks.

As the need to do the right things - and to be seen to be doing it - becomes a business imperative to survive and thrive, all organisations need to ensure that they take a proactive approach to understanding, managing and presenting their business to secure their reputation and maintain trust more effectively.


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Our Stakeholder Assurance Solutions offer an independent, expert opinion on all areas of business performance and information. Our publicly available assurance opinions, in line with international standards, help organisations respond to demands for increased transparency and industry comparability.

We can provide expert assurance opinions across a range of areas:

Critical service provider dependencies

Our service providers are increasingly becoming a critical part of an organisation’s extended delivery model. Demand by customers, regulators and other interested stakeholders for greater transparency and confidence in performance around new issues such as resilience, security, privacy and operational performance, especially in the Financial Services, Technology and Business Services sectors.

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Performance reporting

With a drive for greater transparency, organisations are reporting more information around their operational performance and strategically important activities – this can be both a mandatory requirement through laws and regulations or “voluntarily” to meet specific stakeholder needs. Providing independent assurance around the reported information is an important part of building trust with key stakeholders (both internal and external).

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Market platform resilience

Organisations and consumers are dependent on market platforms providing critical functions, such as clearing, settlement, marketplaces, social media and money/information exchanges. By their very nature, the failure of a market platform could have industry wide implications.

With limited regulatory oversight, platforms are increasingly being expected to prove they operate a resilient, secure and well-functioning services in line with their obligations. Independent third party assurance can help with this.

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Supply chain provenance

Consumers and other stakeholders now care more than ever before about where products come from, where the raw materials are sourced and the values exhibited in the supply chain of the products that they consume. The retail, consumer goods, manufacturing and renewables sectors are likely to be at most risk of supply chain incidents or failures as supply chains expand, become more complex and regulation increases. Organisations need to better understand and control their supply chains and demonstrate provenance to their stakeholders – there is an increasing role for independent assurance to build trust where greater transparency and confidence is required.

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Customer experience and product promises

Delivering on product and service promises is becoming increasingly important as part of the overall customer experience and brand reputation of organisations – in today’s world bad news travels fast. From a compliance perspective of treating customers fairly to seeking differentiation through making bold promises, organisations need to be confident that they have the right governance, processes and controls to deliver, and be ready to respond to incidents when they arise. Furthermore, customers are expecting organisations to prove that they are delivering on their promises and obligations.

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“There are an increasing number of risks facing businesses from many areas of operations. If poorly managed, any of these risks could destroy trust between a company and its stakeholders. From horsemeat to LIBOR, MP's expenses to phone hacking, organisations are vulnerable to the actions of third parties they work with.”

Paolo Taurae, PwC, Stakeholder Assurance Leader

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