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Corporate reporting

Companies are having to respond at pace to varied, and sometimes conflicting, demands. From the impact of the pandemic, to supply chain disruption and the need to find a way forward on tackling climate change and gender, racial and ethnic inequality. Stakeholders and investors are raising the bar on their expectations of companies, as the regulatory environment continues to rapidly evolve. 

In this challenging environment, building trust, through transparency and accountability is critical to success. We believe that corporate reporting has a vital role to play in this environment, acting as an opportunity to communicate more effectively.

We have put together a series of resources and insights to help companies navigate these challenges. Below you can discover more about the latest corporate reporting developments, view our most recent insights into current and emerging practices, and find practical guides to help you with your reporting.

Mark O'Sullivan

“In the current environment where trust, transparency and accountability are increasingly key to a company’s success and credibility, corporate reporting has an increasingly important role to play. Quality corporate reporting that stands up to scrutiny and tells a balanced story can ultimately set a company apart from its peers and build trust with stakeholders.”

Mark O’Sullivan, Head of Corporate Reporting


To help you with your reporting we've collated our latest thinking, guidance and research, grouped by topic area, to make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

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