Restoring trust in corporate governance, reporting and audit

Many of the Government’s proposals in their consultation on ‘’Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance’’ can serve as critical building blocks for meeting this objective at a company as well as systemic level; by strengthening the whole system of governance, risk management and control and ensuring there is better communication and transparency in corporate reporting.

We supported a great many of the proposals and continue to believe they have the potential to reduce uncertainty and restore confidence and trust in the UK and at the same time help companies to enhance their own risk management and resilience. For these reasons, we believe that there are many benefits of proactively pushing ahead with a number of the proposals and have developed our “Restoring trust series” which contains practical guidance for companies who do so.

Restoring Trust Series

Listen to our subject matter experts discuss the benefits for companies wanting to proactively push ahead with reform initiatives and bring to life the Restoring Trust guides.

Restoring Trust Series webcasts



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