At the date of appointment, the P&H Wholesale and P&H Direct Van sales businesses have ceased to trade. Delivery of goods will not be accepted on or after this date. We will be writing to all creditors imminently to notify them of our appointment, but further information can be found below.

WS Retail entered administration on 15 December 2017.

All outstanding amounts owed at the date of appointment to the companies in Administration will be a claim in the Administration. Please see guidance for how to submit a claim in the attached claim form.

Creditor Statement of Claim Form 

Process for Suppliers Asserting Retention of Title Claims

It is in the Company's interests, and in all suppliers' interests, for any retention of title claims to be resolved in an orderly and efficient process. Given the very large number of suppliers to the Company, any repossession process will not work if suppliers come to the Company's premises, unscheduled, to seek repossession of 'their' goods.

The Joint Administrators will work with creditors to review any retention of title claims submitted, but have to ensure that any valid repossessions of goods take place in an orderly and controlled way so as not to adversely impact the purpose of the administration of the interests of other creditors. To assist suppliers who may wish to assert retention of title claims, we set out below the approach which will be adopted, and which all suppliers must follow.

You are not permitted to attend any site without permission of the Joint Administrators in advance. Please do not attend a site without permission as you will be turned away and you will not be able to remove stock.

Approach to Retention of Title Claims

  1. If you wish to make a retention of title claim in respect of goods located at any of the Company's premises, you must complete and return the Retention of Title Questionnaire attached below. You must also provide any further information which the Joint Administrators or those acting on their behalf may reasonably require in order to assess your claim.
  2. The questionnaire should be returned to the Joint Administrator using the email address, together with other supporting documentation as detailed in the questionnaire.
  3. Once a completed Questionnaire and any other requested information has been provided, the Joint Administrators (or someone acting on their behalf from PwC or the Company) will contact you as soon as they are in a position to do so to confirm whether your claim is accepted and the terms of collection.

Please bear in mind that the Joint Administrators anticipate receiving a very large number of claims. We are not in a position to say how quickly we will be able to respond to each claim but will endeavour to do so as soon as is reasonably practicable.

  1. If your retention of title claim is accepted, we will agree dates and times for collection with you. You must only attend to repossess any goods at agreed times. Access will be denied to suppliers who come to the Company's premises unscheduled seeking to repossess goods. Repossessions must be properly scheduled, bearing in mind the resources available and the need to maintain a controlled process.
  2. If dates and times for collection have been agreed with the Company’s operations team, you will bear your own costs associated with arranging for the collection of the goods including but not limited to vehicles, labour and fuel. The Company will make available the staff and equipment to facilitate moving the goods within the distribution centre to your vehicle.
  3. If dates and times for collection have been agreed with the Company’s operations team, those attending on your behalf must bring sufficient documentation supporting your claim to enable those assisting with the repossession process to understand which goods you are properly entitled to repossess. If any representative of the Joint Administrators or any member of Company staff cannot verify that particular goods which you are seeking to repossess are within the scope of your accepted claim, those goods may not be repossessed at that time pending a resolution of whatever issue has arisen.
  4. If your retention of title claim is accepted and you repossess your goods in accordance with the process described above, it may well be that you have no further unsecured claims against the Company. However, if, notwithstanding such repossession, you believe that you still have a claim against the Company in respect of goods supplied, any such claim will be an unsecured claim for which you must lodge a proof of debt. The Joint Administrators reserve all of their and the Company's rights in this respect. Any proofs of debt submitted will be adjudicated in accordance with the Rules.
  5. The Joint Administrators act at all times as agents of the Company and without personal liability. Suppliers have no claim against the Joint Administrators or anyone acting on their behalf in respect of goods supplied to the Company.

Supplier letter and attachments

Claim form

ROT questionnaire


For further guidance please see attached supplier FAQ’s. Any other queries should be sent to Please include the email subject reference as “Supplier queries” – followed by supplier name / reference.

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