Leadership and Upskilling

High performance now depends on organisations becoming truly human-centred. People are the core competitive advantage, as they create the unique value which is the differentiator. But, the only way to unlock this potential is with transformational leaders and self-disruptive people who have a mindset of personal ownership for the success of the organisation.

Developing capability and motivation

Leadership and upskilling have increasingly been rocketing up the C-Suite agenda. We work with our clients to address the two factors that executives care about as they directly impact competitive advantage and strategy execution:

  1. Do our people have the right capabilities - are they able to do the work expected of them as individuals and teams?
  2. Are our people motivated & willing - do they want to engage with the organisation’s vision and objectives to deliver quality results?

Developing capability and motivation is at the heart of what we do, both of which can be influenced by four interlinked factors central to the leadership and talent development agenda:

  • Mindset - the lens through which people view the world
  • Leadership - the ability to inspire and influence others around shared goals
  • Behaviour - the way people act and operate in delivering their work
  • Skillset - the technical knowledge and skills needed to perform specific tasks and deliver outcomes

What issues are businesses facing?

Leadership Development

Leaders are now the architects for building human-centred organisations; they can no longer rely solely on their own skills and behaviours. A fundamental mindset shift is required in order for them to lead systemic change and deliver enterprise-wide transformation. PwC’s unique approach will help you evolve leaders at all levels to become the catalysts for revolutionising your organisation.

Talent Upskilling

Upskilling can no longer be episodic and reactive to strategy; it needs to deliver value incrementally while scaling. Only by creating a dynamic learning environment can your talent be continuously ready to deliver tomorrow’s strategy. PwC’s unique approach enables you to empower your people with a self-disruptive mindset that continuously strengthens your organisation’s capability to perform.

Leadership and Upskilling is part of PwC UK’s Workforce Strategy & Culture team and the following are related services that this team offers:

  • Organisation design
  • Strategic workforce planning and people strategy
  • Change, communications and culture
  • Employee experience
  • People data and analytics
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Employee and talent enablers
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