Video transcript: Hospice: An online tool to encourage effective bereavement

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An online tool to encourage effective bereavement conversations among colleagues, delivering real impact in society.


Elly Davies: With Hospice UK, we developed an online tool which uses real life experiences to help build awareness of the kinds of situations that people may face and the type of support they may need.

David Adair: PwC chose Hospice UK to partner with on this as they’re one of our long standing community partners through the PwC Foundation. Their research showed that people feel very uncomfortable and not confidence to talk to bereaved colleagues. Our UK Academy highlighted that this was an area that we could have a really huge impact on, not just our own peopl, but on wider society.

Elly: The tool we created for Hospice UK features real bereavement stories.

Rossana Espinosa: When I went back to the office, a retiring teacher came to me and said “I heard about your mum. I am so sorry.” It was very short and simple, but I still remember what she said. You don’t need to say anything clever.

Elly: The tool helps people to practice their conversation skills. Learners discover their compassionate superpowers and how to develop them further. We’re using technology to help us overcome our fears.

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