Contract Remediation and Repapering

Whether it’s in response to regulatory changes, a change in internal policies and procedures, or just to get your “house in order”, large scale reviews of your contract portfolio can be a burdensome and expensive undertaking. And once the review is complete, there’s often more to be done; contracts may need to be repapered, novated, negotiated, terminated and so on. We can deploy a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, technologists and project managers to run your contract remediation projects from start to finish, using best in class technology and offshore delivery centres to ensure we balance quality with cost considerations. Our large network means that we can do this for you across the globe and in many languages and provide you rich data at each stage of the process.

Case study

What was the challenge?

Our client, a global manufacturing business, needed to urgently review and potentially repaper hundreds of existing Global Agency and Distributor Agreements to align with changes in its internal policies and operations. The client had limited resources to run this project internally and required a single provider to manage the project across different territories and meet numerous language requirements.

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What did we do?

We assisted the client across the lifecycle of the project. The first stage was to review the contracts portfolio (over 1000 documents) against agreed criteria to determine the appropriate treatment policy, including whether the contract needed to be repapered. Next we created a “master” template agreement compliant with the policies and operations and then deployed a team of lawyers and subject matter experts across 40 territories to translate and localise the template to ensure it was enforceable in each relevant jurisdiction. Once the client was satisfied with the templates, we then re-configured the team to include more junior lawyers, paralegals and project managers to generate over 1,000 new compliant contracts across the globe with the relevant counterparty details.

PwC’s Engagement Centre was used as a collaboration and project management tool during the project where the compliant contracts were also uploaded to enable the client to easily access their contracts in a simple way.

Throughout the process, the client was able to track progress and see summaries and trends which we presented back to them using a data visualisation tool. This included tracking contract completion rates and other status updates in relation to the client’s agents and distributors.

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What was the outcome for the client?

The client was able to effectively repaper its arrangements with a high volume of its agents and distributors in a thorough and efficient manner. As a result of efficiently delivering bilingual versions of the contracts in the languages of the agents and distributors, it was easier for the counterparties to accept the new terms and execute them, minimising uncertainty, risk and improving the client’s relationships. Throughout the process, the Chief Legal and Strategy Counsel was able to concentrate on other big transformation projects whilst remaining in the loop on the repapering project.  

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