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Helping organisations confidently integrate new technologies

As technology develops, organisations are integrating more applications, capturing new external and internal sources of data, and processing it more quickly and intelligently, allowing them to make more informed decisions and run a leaner, smarter and faster organisation.

This opportunity also brings greater risk; the risk of error, misinformation, process failure and data loss. As a result, stronger governance and control is required over enterprise applications to protect and build a sustainable platform for future growth.

Our Digital Integration team help organisations to effectively manage their end-to-end business and process risks through the implementation of technology, helping to maximise the chances of success and return on investment. We assess the associated business risks within an organisation's proposed solutions, design appropriate security and controls as well as provide ongoing analytics, controls and optimisation services to help deliver a safe and sustainable technology enabled solution.

PwC are at the forefront of helping our clients understand their digital transformation, the risks they now face and helping them to realise the true benefits of an enterprise application implementation.

Are you a finance or business leader concerned about:

The accuracy of your financial and business data and reporting?

Are you able to trust your financial and business data to make decisions? It’s crucial that business decisions are based on accurate information. Your organisation's financial and business data is vulnerable if too many people have access to system functionality, if monitoring is poor or if preventive controls are not in place. Errors can creep into financial and business data and without the right detection and control mechanisms, they may not be found and corrected in time. A security and controls review can help make sure your financial and business data remains accurate, giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Learn more

Are you sure you have the right processes and controls in place to manage the risks of a digitally integrated world? Enterprise Insights from PwC allows your organisation to monitor security, controls and process performance on an ongoing basis across all of your IT platforms, helping to mitigate risk and provide peace of mind that your controls and processes are operating as intended. Learn more

Do your underlying processes work well together or are they fighting against each other? Do you find that some transactions are lost or suddenly amended in an unexpected way? Do you understand exactly how your people use your system? Do you have more manual workarounds than you'd like? Process mining visually reconstructs your end-to-end processes, using your own data, to help you understand how the system works and where the problems are. And when you understand it, you can fix it.

Ensuring an IT enabled project meets its objectives?

Are you responsible for an IT enabled transformation project? Do you have concerns about an ongoing project? Regular project health checks give you the confidence that your project is on track to deliver its objectives within the planned budget and on time. A professional review of a project will provide independent assurance that it's being effectively governed, and that the right actions are being taken at the right time. If you have specific areas of concern, our specialists will take a technical deep dive to help put your mind at rest.

Are you confident about your project planning? Would you like to feel more certain that the decisions you make at the outset of the project are right? We can work with your organisation to provide assurance over the planning stage, from the objectives of your project to your requirements-gathering process and your selection of technology solution. Learn more

Is your technology project aligned to the overall business vision and strategy? Are you prioritising your projects appropriately? Are the design decisions that are made within the IT enabled project compatible with the organisation's wider enterprise architecture? Learn more

One of the critical drivers of the success of an IT enabled project is compliance with enterprise architecture. Our architects can assess the overall effectiveness of your enterprise architecture function, as well as a project's compliance to the organisation's architecture.

When you invest in a new system you want to be sure that it starts its life in the best possible shape. That means feeding it clean data, setting out well-defined processes, and rectifying years of poor practice that have built up on legacy applications. But that shouldn't be a one-off exercise – systems need ongoing care to make sure that data is of high quality and processes remain robust. Risk-based IT controls will help protect the integrity of your investment for the longer term. Learn more

Using technology to optimise your processes and controls?

Are you sure that your processes are as efficient as possible, saving your organisation both time and cost? Enterprise Insights allows you to analyse and monitor transactions that are performed in key applications on an ongoing basis, giving you clear sight of how processes operate in practice and in real time. Pain points can be clearly identified and business processes optimised, driving a culture of efficiency and allowing your organisation to maximise efficiency and mitigate risk. Learn more

Are your processes working as they should and helping to mitigate business risk? Do users get it right first time? A one-off review of access and controls in your business systems can give you a clear view of their effectiveness and efficiency, providing clear analysis that will help you reduce key risks and replace time-consuming manual controls. Learn more

Do your underlying processes fit and work well together? Do you find that some transactions are lost or amended in an unexpected way? Do you understand how your people use the system? Are you concerned about the number of workarounds or manual interventions that are needed? Process mining visually reconstructs your end-to-end processes, using your own data, to help you understand how the system works and where the problems are. And when you understand it, you can fix it.

Whether you have the right IT foundations for your business?

Are you considering moving a key service to the cloud but are worried about exposing yourself to unnecessary risks? We can support you through the selection process and procurement of your cloud partners, helping you make sure that your cloud services support your business objectives and are reliable, controlled and compliant. Learn more

Do your IT enabled technologies, processes and information fit well together? Do they work seamlessly and efficiently? Fragmented technology can hold back ideas and prevent your organisation meeting its objectives. If your IT enabled projects are implemented in a standardised way and prioritised well, you can have more confidence that you will achieve your wider business goals. Learn more

How customers digitally interact with your business?

Do you understand how your customers interact digitally with your organisation? Customer experiences, and their willingness to engage and purchase, is fundamental to the success of your organisation. The digital landscape is constantly expanding and customer expectations continue to rise, so organisations must continually evolve and adapt their processes to address new risks, regulations and standards.

Our Digital Customer Journey diagnostic helps you understand the impact of digital and technology across each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Are you a compliance, audit or risk professional concerned about:

Auditing in the modern IT enviromment?

Are you sure that your reporting of process risk, issues and controls is accurate and comprehensive? Enterprise Insights is a single platform for managing and reporting business risk and compliance, including a repository for your risks and controls, workflow functionality for controls testing and exception management, automated testing, and a continuous monitoring functionality for security controls. Its enhanced reporting features gives you an accurate and up-to-date view of the risks the organisation faces and the efficiency of controls. Learn more

Does your internal audit function really understand the controls involved in your IT platforms? If they don't, how can you be sure of the quality of an IT audit? In an increasingly complex and technical IT environment, internal audit functions can benefit from the addition of key skills and technical insights. We can provide audit services from highly experienced specialists in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and JDE, and will quickly get to grips with new and bespoke systems. Learn more

Using IT to ensure you remain compliant?

Are your organisation's compliance controls working effectively? How can you be sure? How quickly would you find out if there was a failure? Enterprise Insights allows you to continuously monitor your controls and processes, giving you powerful analysis and actionable results. This is a data-driven approach to managing business controls on a single, content-rich platform, with a clear reporting portal and the ability to workflow results. Learn more

Are you sure that there are no control gaps or weaknesses in your systems? How confident are you that your systems can protect the organisation from fraud or error? The auditing of digitally integrated systems is a complex exercise but our Business Systems Security and Controls team have years of experience, giving you the comfort that your systems are efficient and effective. Learn more

Do you use cloud for key services? Or are you thinking about it? Have confidence that the service you choose is right for you with our Cloud Risk Assurance service. We can help validate your contractual agreements and make sure that your cloud services are meeting regulatory and compliance requirements and mitigating any security risks. Learn more

Understanding the risks across your integrated technology platforms?

Are you sure that you've identified and can effectively manage all the risks that your organisation faces in a digitally integrated world? Many risks are embedded in business processes and applications, so visibility of increasingly complex systems is essential. Enterprise Insights is a cross-system analytics solution that can help your organisation assess risks within your enterprise system data. The monitoring platform includes a clear reporting portal and the ability to workflow results, allowing you to more efficiently manage risks and controls. Learn more

Are you able to gain a real-time view of your enterprise technology risks? In a rapidly evolving landscape it's essential to keep as up-to-date as possible with the risks that your organisation faces. Enterprise Insights includes a comprehensive repository for risks and controls, both manual and automated, giving you access to the most accurate and current view. Learn more

Are you an IT leader concerned about:

Spending too long on compliance tasks?

Are you spending too long on compliance? Have you fully explored the benefits of automation? The automation answer is different for everyone, but Enterprise Insights allows you to automate a wide range of compliance tasks in the most effective way for your organisation. Learn more

Are you wasting time processing manual compliance tasks across multiple platforms? Enterprise Insights is designed as a cross-system analytics solution, allowing you to analyse and manage access and Segregation of Duties seamlessly and as an integral part of your broader control environment. Learn more

Are you thinking about automating some of your controls? Are you unsure of where to start? We can help you identify the best options for automation, and design and implement efficient automated controls for your organisation. Learn more

Helping your organisation to stay ahead?

In the digital world, the digital customer journey is a critical competitive differentiator. Get the experience wrong and the result is frustrated customers, high churn, the loss of valuable data, the risk of regulatory breaches, and reputational damage.

Our Digital Customer Journey Assurance solution can help you understand the impact of digital technology across the customer lifecycle and assess your digital customer journey. Our solution allows you to identify any gaps, risks and weaknesses along the digital journey, giving you the confidence that the customer experience will be as seamless as possible.

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