Climate change and TCFD reporting - “Where do I start?” guide

With an increasing focus from investors, regulators and other stakeholder groups on environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and actions, organisations need to provide better information to demonstrate how these issues have been considered, particularly in relation to climate change.

The recommendations of the TCFD are now incorporated into the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) Listing Rules for major listed companies, and similar reporting on climate change has been extended through the UK Companies Act to other listed companies and the largest private businesses, as well as LLPs.

Our Where do I start? guide provides a high-level overview of the climate change/TCFD reporting requirements that currently apply, or will apply in the near future for companies.

The guide includes:

  • A summary of the climate change/TCFD reporting requirements
  • The basic elements of the TCFD framework
  • The FCA Listing Rules TCFD requirements and accompanying guidance
  • Comments on key aspects of reporting against the framework in practice
  • The climate change reporting requirements for other publicly quoted companies and large private companies
  • Links to further guidance and information
Wind turbine from aerial view in morning

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