Meet the Risk leadership team

Our people are our main differentiator. Listed below are the profiles and contact information for our UK Risk leaders. They use their experience and expertise to help organisations utilise risk as a strategic driver of performance, so they become better at predicting, preventing and leveraging risk.

Risk Leader

Sam Samaratunga

Head of Risk, PwC United Kingdom


Risk Team

Capital Markets, Accounting Advisory & Structuring Services

Joga Singh

Partner, UK Head of Capital Markets, Accounting Advisory and Structuring Services, London, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7808 328361


Commercial Assurance

Qadir Marikar

Partner – Commercial Assurance National Lead, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7718 928344


Cyber Security

Richard Horne

Cyber Security Chair, Risk and Quality Partner, London, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7775 553373


Chris Gaines

Lead Cyber Security Partner, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7718 976995


Financial Services Risk and Regulation

Jane Woolcott

UK Financial Services Risk Leader, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7715 010942


Governance Risk and Compliance

Richard Bailes

Partner, National Leader Governance, Risk and Compliance, London, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7715 034917


Internal Audit

Rebecca Cooke

UK Internal Audit Leader, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7808 904147


Marketing & Media

Sam Tomlinson

Marketing & Media, London, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7811 453111


Risk Modelling Services

David Wong

Business Unit Leader & Banking Market Leader, Partner, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7733 449098


Technology, Data & Analytics

Claire Reid

Regional Leader, Scotland, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7734 607594


Treasury and Commodity

David Coulon

Partner, Head of Treasury and Commodity Group, PwC United Kingdom

+44 (0)7771 902582


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