Office for National Statistics - public good is a common interest

Setting the scene

PwC has embarked on a diverse new arrangement with the Data Science Campus (DSC) within the Office for National Statistics (ONS). We have several areas of common interest with the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The goal of the Data Science Campus is to explore how new data sources and data science techniques can improve the understanding of the UK’s economy, communities and people. It also acts as a hub for the whole of Government to gain practical advantage from a wide investment in data science research - helping cement the UK’s reputation as an international leader in data science.

The DSC have a series of data projects that provide insight into key policy themes such as the analysis of port and shipping operations and using Google street view to map the urban forest. There is also a focus on learning and development pathways in data science at a range of different levels from mentoring and supporting PhDs and post-doctoral projects to recruitment of Level 4 Apprenticeships.

PwC is bringing a global understanding of the use of data in many different applications to support the work done at the Campus.


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PwC is a very interesting partner to work with as they are involved with so many different aspects of life, not only in the UK but across the world. They essentially bring a global understanding of data and the use of data in many different applications.”

Dave Johnson, Deputy Director - Knowledge Exchange at the ONS Data Science Campus in Newport

How we helped

We have identified specific areas for collaboration, working together to build trust in society and solve important problems. Areas of focus include data analytic skills development, research, capability and collaborating on specific public interest projects across government.

Much of our collaboration has focused on knowledge sharing and exchanging thought leadership around our shared vision for opportunities and growth in data science. For example, our graduate recruitment teams are sharing their experience of recruiting for technology and data analytics apprenticeships, as well as how both organisations are working to attract young female students considering a career in technology and data.

ONS is responsible for publishing official GDP statistics, and PwC’s own econometrics team regularly shares insight into GDP movement. Together we have been exploring new ways of modelling data, including the use of more interactive and readily available sources of data.

Making a difference

Together we are working to deliver a shared a vision for solving problems for the public good. Our partnership so far has allowed us to share learning and knowledge to further our capabilities in data science and the value this brings to society.

“The Office for National Statistics is an internationally-recognised organisation for trusted information. They recognise the value to society from data science and are leading this agenda across UK Government from their hub in Newport, South Wales.”

Jonathan Evans PwC’s lead for Data & Analytics in Wales and the West and South East regions, is leading this important partnership arrangement.

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