Empowering our people
Our people are our biggest strength as a firm
Hear from our Chief People Officer, Laura Hinton, on how PwC is preparing for the changing nature of work Transcript
Watch PwC UK's Laura Hinton discuss how the firm is preparing for the changing nature of work to empower its people to be the best they can be.
At PwC, we’re empowering our people to be the best they can be...
… through investments in technology … by creating the right culture … and helping them gain the right
    skills for now and the future.
“The days of the traditional 9 to 5 at a desk are over. In order to recruit the best people, we know we need to offer greater flexibility, different working options and the best technology.”
Helen Hopkin, Head of UK workforce strategy
We’re changing the way we work

The way we work is changing. In order to stay relevant and attract the best people, we know we need to do things differently to respond to technology advances, workers’ preferences and the evolving services we offer to clients. For example, we’ve introduced Everyday Flexibility, so that our people can choose where and how they work, supported by our investment in collaborative technology. We’ve remodelled our office spaces to create different ways of working. And we’re hiring more contingent workers to work alongside our teams, for example through our Flexible Talent Network. The services we offer to our clients are also changing, meaning that we need to recruit from a broader talent pool than ever before.

Our 5 point action plan to promote diversity and inclusion
Marissa Thomas, Head of Deals, explains more about our inclusive leadership programme and the value of difference. Transcript
Marissa Thomas, Head of Deals, explains more about our inclusive leadership programme and the value of difference.
1. Senior level accountability

We’re running an inclusive leadership programme to help our business leaders create a culture where difference is embraced. In addition, in our partner income allocation process, we have recognised and rewarded those partners who have made a positive contribution to the delivery of our diversity targets.

“Changing how the best roles are allocated is a game-changer and such an important part of us creating a diverse and inclusive culture.”
Helen Hopkin, Head of UK workforce strategy
2. Fair work allocation

Working on high-profile projects is one way that our people can really make their mark and progress in their career. That’s why we’ve taken a number of steps to make sure that we’re providing fair access to the best work opportunities. It’s about challenging assumptions to ensure that we’re not always looking in the same pool when it comes to resourcing, providing more people with the opportunity to work on career-defining projects.

3. Investment in returnships

Our Back to Business programme aims to address the career break penalty by helping senior professionals to restart their careers after an extended break. It is just one of the ways we’re looking to grow our pipeline of senior women.

Some women who have taken part in the six-month paid senior internship share their experience and what they’ve gained. Transcript

Investment in returnships
Some women who have taken part in the six-month paid senior internship share their experience and what they’ve gained.
“The programme has given me a huge amount of confidence and self belief that my skills are still relevant and that I can achieve the back to work challenge. I’ve really enjoyed the whole scheme and would recommend it to anybody.”
Back to Business participant
4. Recruitment activity

We’re making sure that our recruitment processes, from student hires to experienced hires, are open and attractive to all. We’ve invested in new recruitment tools to reduce any unintended bias in our processes and are using data to monitor our progress. Banning all-male shortlists for experienced hires and our new Flexible Talent Network are just some of the bold changes we’ve made to our recruitment process to ensure we’re looking in the broadest talent pool possible.

5. Progression coaches

We’re investing to create more progression coaches to provide career sponsorship and advice to high-potential female and BAME directors. Career sponsorship is a vital part of giving individuals the network and support to reach their full potential.

We're creating more progression coaches to help our people be the best they can be Transcript

Progression coaches
Tilly Harries and Laura Nadeal discuss the benefit of having an active sponsor in their career with their Progression Coach Ed Stacey.
Our diverse workforce makes us a better firm
We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and culture where everyone can reach their full potential and believe in being transparent about our progress towards this.
By clicking on our Diversity Data Explorer you can compare our diversity performance on gender, age, ethnicity and working pattern. You can also view our gender and BAME pay data. For further information on our diversity pay data, please see our Diversity Pay Report 2018.

First select an option

Secondly select a grade

For the third year running, we are also publishing our senior management gender and ethnicity targets by grade, as well as our progress against our targets. Our targets are to be achieved by 1 July 2020 and are supported by our 5-point diversity action plan. We believe we are on track to meet these targets.
Our progress is reviewed by our Executive Board on a quarterly basis. You can view our targets, as shared with HM Treasury in support of the Women in Finance Charter by clicking through our Diversity Data Explorer.
Building the skills of the future
We’re working with organisations and Government to tackle the societal-level issue that not enough girls and young women are interested in pursuing technology careers. You can read more of our people stories here

The skills needed in the future will look very different to the skills demanded today. Technology advances will both increase the need for digital skills, while at the same time placing additional value on the uniquely human skills of creativity, problem solving and adaptability. We’re investing to upskill our people and at the same time helping to build the UK’s technology talent pipeline through our Tech She Can initiative and our new technology degree apprenticeships.


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