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We understand that as you grow your social enterprise, you’ll be faced with obstacles and challenges and encounter increasing demands on your time. While many of these issues will be common to all businesses, social enterprises can experience quite a unique set of challenges to overcome in order to support beneficiaries, access investment and maximise impact.

Our PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club is a UK-wide network that shares the skills of our people with ambitious social entrepreneurs to help them tackle society’s most important problems and drive social and environmental change.

The Club offers members the opportunity to work with a business mentor, be coached through specific challenges, develop skills and competencies through our webinars and workshops and build connections - both in the social enterprise and business environments. Our broad ranging programme of support aims to help each member maximise their impact and grow a successful, sustainable business.

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Benefits of joining the club


A PwC Mentor is matched based on specific skills you may require help and guidance with. Whether you need advice on your marketing strategy, tech solutions, or building your own networks and reaching new audiences, your mentor can support you throughout. Our Mentors will help you better understand key issues and challenges, demystify any technical jargon, help you look at all options and routes available to you and support you as you progress through the stages of business growth.


Our Coaches will listen, question and offer guidance and a different perspective, and will support you through the issues and challenges you face as you grow your venture. Your PwC Coach will draw on their wide experience, knowledge and connections within PwC to ensure you have access to specific experts when needed. Any leader within your social enterprise can access a PwC Coach.

Group Coaching

These tailored sessions focus on a specific issue or challenge you might be facing and, through the use of coaching techniques, give you a better understanding of the challenge and how to identify routes towards a good outcome.  You’ll be coached by a small group of our staff from different teams and areas of expertise.


Our networking events connect you with peers and other leaders from the social enterprise community, as well as our wider network of staff and clients.  They typically focus on a topic or current theme, with a panel of expert speakers, to cover different perspectives before we open for questions and discussion.

Skills development

These short and interactive sessions support you with enhancing skills and developing new ones, in areas such as accounting and finance, impact measurement, proposal writing and digital media.  We also run a number of sessions that focus more on personal development, including wellbeing and resilience training, leadership and building your networks.

Capacity building and bespoke support

In order to support Club members scale up and achieve their ambitions, we offer a range of more bespoke programmes.  These include supply chain readiness support, strategic planning sessions, consultancy and design thinking.


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