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Business Case Study Challenges

(aged 13-18)

Our Business Case Study Challenges aim to simulate some of the work that PwC does and have been designed by client-facing staff.

Students are presented with a fictional client and business challenge that they must solve. They must work together using the resource pack provided to agree upon a recommendation to solve the challenge and then pitch to the client to win a bid.

These sessions are also designed to simulate an assessment centre helping students to develop multiple employability skills needed in many recruitment processes.

Sessions are 1 hour long, however can be extended across two lessons to give pupils more time to prepare and deliver their pitches.

We have also created some additional guidance for parents/carers on using the toolkit resources at home.

Case studies

Case Study 1: Cyber Security

Students become consultants within the Cyber Security Team taking on a fictional client, Chatter - a social media platform looking to secure their cyber environment.

Students work in teams to assess Chatter’s cyber security risks, identify solutions and pitch their proposal about how PwC could resolve Chatter’s cyber security threats.

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Case Study 2: Consulting

Students become consultants within the Management Consulting Team taking on a fictional client, Freshways - a supermarket who is looking to reduce their food waste footprint.

Pupils work together to produce a pitch outlining what Freshways and other supermarkets are doing to reduce food waste, and suggesting one key recommendation Freshways should prioritise to achieve their aim.

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Case Study 3: Sustainability and Climate Change

Students become consultants within the Sustainability and Climate Change Team taking on a fictional client, Hotels Limited - a large hotel company, looking to reduce the impact of their business on the environment and save costs in the long term.

Students work in teams to develop a sustainability strategy for Hotels Limited. This should assess the 5 key problems areas where they are not sustainable, and provide recommendations about how they could become more sustainable and have the biggest environmental impact. Students present their findings in a final pitch.

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***Case Study 4: Data and Analytics

Students become consultants within the Data and Analytics Team advising a fictional client, Lions Athletics, on how they can improve an athlete’s performance.

Students must work together to analyse data in order to make their recommendations, presenting their findings in a final pitch.

***The content is currently being developed and will be published soon.

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