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Wellbeing Curriculum

(aged 13-18)

Our Wellbeing Curriculum aims to help pupils build their wellbeing and resilience, which are essential to pupils’ career success as it enables them to tackle challenging situations and remain positive in times of change and uncertainty.

The curriculum covers the traits of resilient people, understanding stress and stress management, and developing empathy skills. Sessions also help to develop multiple employability skills. The sessions are 20minutes long, designed to be used during registration/tutor time.

We have also created some additional guidance for parents/carers on using the toolkit resources at home.


Full course

This curriculum can be delivered as one 60 minute session or broken into four separate sessions.

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Lesson 1: Understanding Stress

This lesson explores how pupils can use their understanding of stress to improve their response to challenging situations.

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Lesson 2: Traits of Resilient People

This lesson explores ten traits of resilient people and how pupils can use that knowledge to improve their own resilience.

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Lesson 3: Managing Your Stress

This lesson explores how we all experience stress, getting pupils to consider factors that affect their stress levels and how they might better manage them. This session involves the use of the online quiz platform “Kahoot”.

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Lesson 4: Developing listening skills, understanding and empathy

This lesson explores how pupils can develop their listening, understanding and empathy skills to build strong relationships and support each other. This session requires access to Youtube.

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