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Cyber security is a right

I don’t know about you but as a small and medium business when I think about Cyber Security, I think ‘complicated’ and ‘scary’ (even though I’ve promoted cyber internationally for UK government before). With so many options, figuring out what protection to choose is no longer as simple as “What software do I have to install?” Now it’s about, “What technology, people and processes do I need to be compliant and which of the hundreds available will work best for me?”

This is why two thirds of small and medium businesses are cyber attacked, with half of them closing down as a result. It’s unacceptable that this is still happening considering the technologically advanced times that we live in. In my mind, SECURITY IS A RIGHT that we all deserve. So strong is my belief in this that I’ve devoted a lot of my time and money to set up, a comparison website that makes cyber security simple and provides reassurance.

Essentially, we’ve automated the cyber ‘geek’ to help assess and source the right bundles of solutions for each of us. So that in hours, rather than weeks, anyone of us (technical or not) can go from registering to completing a questionnaire to filtering bundles to paying once for everything and downloading what we’ve just bought - or getting a callback.

Widespread use of comparison websites has led to people not expecting to see every deal, which fits the gargantuan global cyber security solutions’ ecosystem well. Businesses also don’t pay anything and they’re synonymous with a good deal, with suppliers knowing they must keep offering good deals to win business.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is that we bundle all solution types (technology, people, and processes) and support decision making not just on price but on ratings/reviews and regulation, through our unique, tried and tested algorithms. Small and medium businesses often claim they don’t have the time and money to bring in the “Big Boys” but ProtectBox can help with that.

It’s been a challenging journey for me personally, becoming a ‘nomad’; going where ProtectBox benefits the most. Investing not just my sweat and tears but my money too. I’m kept going by the, almost daily, support to make ProtectBox a success.

Whether that’s a LinkedIn from someone who found us or a cyber supplier brainstorming/coding with me or support from small and medium business experts like PwC or being on the UK government’s Trade Mission to Singapore or pitch competitors in Slush Singapore telling me not to give up. So many businesses and governments think ProtectBox is best placed to help SMEs protect themselves, that they’re helping me to make it happen! It’ll make a great film regardless but my humble hope is that I’ve helped to protect us all.

Kiran Bhagotra, CEO and founder of ProtectBox with Ben Wallace MP as part of the UK Government's trade mission to Singapore.

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