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Founded back in 2015, AMPLYFI has rapidly grown and is now considered to be one of the most exciting start-ups in Europe. Spearheading Business Intelligence 4.0, it is fundamentally changing how organisations conduct research and generate business critical insight. AMPLYFI’s core technologies use artificial intelligence to enable clients to unlock the entire internet for themselves.

Andy Beckley from PwC's Deals team meet with Chris Ganje the Co-founder and CEO of Cardiff-based AMPLYFI to hear about the company’s journey, challenges and opportunities surrounding disruption.

Where did the concept for AMPLYFI’s technology come from?

Chris Ganje the Co-founder and CEO of AMPLYFI

The genesis of AMPLYFI was borne out of knowing that organisations are concerned about where their next disruption is likely to come from. Such activities are difficult to update, can be limited, and are delivered so infrequently that any meaningful warning signals are invariably late or missed altogether. We recognised that even best-practice methods for conducting research and generating business intelligence have not kept pace with technology.

Allied to this was the fact that standard search engines barely scratch the surface of the internet (the Surface Web) and leave users with a mass of manual, laborious work to do. My co-founders and I understood that, for literally any topic or subject, the wealth of open-source content held in the internet offers the potential to discover and monitor globally what’s happening, where in the world is it happening, who’s driving it, and within which timescales activity is accelerating or decelerating.

The first challenge was to be able to do this without employing large and expensive research teams, the second was figuring out how to unlock the Deep Web – that part of the internet that standard search engines do not access, but which holds far larger and richer datasets.

How did you develop the technology?

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Research indicates that employees spend significant amounts of their time looking for information – potentially up to five hours per day. This excludes time then spent reading and pulling together analysis.

At AMPLYFI, we understood that artificial intelligence has reached a point where it is possible for the machine to do this at speeds and levels of accuracy that humans cannot match. The technologies that we have built are all proprietary with all of the intellectual property owned.

From our initial proof of concept, our in-house team of machine-learning and technical experts have developed DataVoyantTM to a point where it automatically searches across both the Surface and the Deep Web, downloads, screens, reads, and analyses masses of content (potentially millions of documents) in a matter of a few hours. We are now developing a suite of tools to further empower users to unlock internal datasets and marry it with analysis driven off externally sourced data.

Where is the technology being applied?

By leveraging open-source content held across the internet, our technologies are universally applicable to any industry or sector (including government and academic agencies) and are being used by teams spanning horizon scanning, competitor intelligence, risk, M&A, prospecting, R&D and more.

Being cloud-hosted, DataVoyantTM, isaccessible from anywhere in the world via any modern web browser, and accessed by a range of user communities spanning execs, senior management, analysts, researchers, relationship managers, salesforces, and so on. Our mantra is for our technologies to be completely intuitive and that even non-subject matter experts must be able to derive value. In every instance, our technologies are enabling users to go deeper, see clearer, and act smarter.

What obstacles have you faced getting AMPLYFI to where it is today?

With something as ground-breaking as DataVoyantTM, the amount of interest and momentum that we have created in a short space of time at AMPLYFI has served to ensure that any potential obstacles or road humps have rapidly disappeared.

In the early days, we faced scepticism about our ability to directly empower users through self-service technologies. We were also told that we would need to base ourselves in Silicon Valley, London, or Beijing in order to attract the necessary talent and funding. Since AMPLYFI is all about being bold, and seeing and doing things differently, we stuck to our agenda and beliefs. It’s fair to say that those early naysayers are now some of our biggest advocates.

What do you want to achieve in the years ahead and what tech do you think will be disruptive in the future?

Our roadmap sees our technologies becoming ubiquitous as we become the go-to company for organisations globally to enhance their business intelligence and research capabilities. Data is often talked about as being the new currency but, for us, information and insight that are critical to making smarter decisions are even more valuable. Today, AI is all about capturing, curating, and analysing data. The role for users is to apply expert intuition, derive insight, make recommendations, and take decisions; the real value-add activities that machines cannot do. Our technologies focus on getting them to that point faster and better informed.

Aside from our own technologies that are disrupting today, distributed ledger technologies, the internet of things, and other AI capabilities are positioned to collectively disrupt in the future. Specific areas where they are likely to be transformational are medicine, manufacturing, and energy. Players in those areas need to be alert to where and when those disruptions are likely to impact their businesses and its technologies like ours that will get them on the front foot.

To find out how we are working with privately owned business here in Wales, please get in touch with Jamie Douglas. E: or T: 07704 074374

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