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We’re supporting the Buy Social campaign, using our purchasing decisions to realise greater social and environmental benefit.

The Buy Social Campaign

Buy Social is Social Enterprise UK’s flagship campaign that aims to build markets for social enterprises among the general public as well as the private and public sectors. It challenges all of us to think about where we buy our goods and services from, and the social impact of our purchasing decisions.

The Buy Social Corporate Challenge

We’ve been buying from social enterprises for a number of years and in 2016, we formalised our commitment by joining the Buy Social Corporate Challenge as a founding member. The challenge, set up by Social Enterprise UK and the Cabinet Office, brings together high profile businesses such as PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Wates, Zurich and RBS to commit to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises by 2020.


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"We are already benefitting from using social enterprises in our own supply chain and are committed to working with suppliers to widen this access through our support of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge."

Gaenor Bagley, Head of Corporate Purpose at PwC



Case study, Brighter Environment

"Brighter Environment is a socially responsible facility management company, providing high quality services to corporate and third sector clients. The social purpose of what we do is to address the imbalance in employment opportunities for young people and older adults, and to provide opportunities to become part of a dynamic entrepreneurial experience. We aim to build the capacity of those directly involved in running the social enterprise. We hope to inspire them to start-up ventures of their own that give disadvantaged youth and older adults both employment and an influential voice in how their local services are delivered. 

Brighter Environment is proud to provide cleaning services to PwC’s Social Enterprise Hub at The Fire station, including The School of Social Entrepreneurs' and Social Enterprise UK. The opportunity has put us at the heart of social enterprise and allows us to contribute in a very practical way.

We have also benefited greatly from our involvement with PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club by our association with the Club’s many activities, but more directly through its mentoring programme, which has been instrumental in helping develop Brighter Environment’s potential.

The support of PwC and the input of David Adair, PwC’s Head of Community Affairs, has been invaluable to the growth of Brighter Environment. We would recommend being a member of the PwC Social Enterprise Club to every aspiring social enterprise."

Adam Porter-Blake, Chairman & CEO at Brighter Environment

Case study, Mediorite

“Mediorite is an award winning social enterprise and creative agency. We deliver film and photography services to clients including PwC and offer free film and photography training and work experience to young Londoners. Our social mission is to tackle youth unemployment so as well as upskilling young people from diverse backgrounds we make sure all our jobs create paid work for the young people we’ve trained.

As a growing social business we need networking opportunities, work and help with our social impact and that’s what PwC’s Social Entrepreneurs' Club has given us! 

We’ve delivered a number of projects for PwC which has included a mix of film and photography to record the Club’s Awards and celebrate successes of some of the entrepreneurs in the Club which saw us profile businesses not only in London but also go up to Glasgow (with young sound recordist Ondre who loved the accent so much he wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks!) and capture the energy of One Firm One Day.

Because PwC took lots of time to demystify their systems and processes for everything from procurement to internal permission to film we’ve been hand held through our first experience with a large corporate and that been an invaluable experience. We’ve also been able to take learnings to apply to our existing processes to improve how we work. PwC’s jobs have also rippled down to paid work for young creatives Ka-miller, Ondre, Leanne and Reece offering them an invaluable experience working with a big corporate!”

Lucy Ferguson, Director at Mediorite

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