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Finance transformation

The challenge

With technology becoming a transforming agent for every sector of the financial services industry, our global FS clients are looking at technology with awe and inspiration. This represents for us the opportunity to bring together our global financial services technology capabilities to support our clients through their transformative digital journey.

True transformation of Finance capabilities requires ensuring an effective balance of the competing requirements to provide business insight while maintaining control and operating at optimal efficiency, supporting the business to grow and operate.

The right solutions and capability will enable organisations to:

  • reduce costs;
  • remove complexity;
  • enable effective operations; and
  • secure data in the cloud.

Our services

Our combination of business and technology advice—from strategy to execution—helps companies achieve their digital technology goals and capitalise on business opportunities and solve our clients’ most complex business challenges.

Finance vision and strategy

  • The role of the CFO as we know it today has evolved over time, in response to constantly being asked “How can Finance add more value?”
  • The Vision and Strategy are tools to improve the function, they should galvanise Finance into raising its game, and be the basis for building the Finance Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • With ever-increasing demands placed on their resources, CFOs need to appropriately balance insight, efficiency and control within the context of a wide range of strategic drivers, unique to each client
  • Aligning leaders around a clear Finance Vision and Strategy is essential to achieving clarity on and agreement to the function’s priorities, which in turn facilitates a successful delivery to the strategy


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Target operating model design and execution

  • The design and execution of a Finance target operating model is key to organisational transformation and could include shared services and outsourcing
  • We start with the design of an operating model at a conceptual and logical level
  • We work with clients to evolve the operating model into a functional model of processes, IT solutions, organisation structures, information management, etc.
  • The operating model is translated into tangible changes to the business to achieve full benefits
    We work with clients to implement these changes to the business

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Process redesign

  • Finance process redesign and optimisation - including business integration support, and advisory on harnessing robotic process automation
  • Utilising best practices e.g. perform root cause analysis to determine underlying issues, define ideal / future state aligned with the Target Operating Model and work towards that vision
  • Utilising process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma to achieve optimal results.

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Enterprise performance management

  • With an integrated approach to processes, data and systems alignment to drive business outcomes, we will help clients identify the correct business information across the enterprise and support key business decisions
  • Key performance management processes would be integrated into the operating model
  • Business strategy is cascaded to the team objectives through KPIs and Finance is seen as “adding value” to the business


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