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The UK insurance market, including the unique ecosystem that is the London and Lloyd's Market, is a global centre of expertise that provides vital protection to people and companies, alongside tax-efficient savings. The sector’s strong focus on innovation and commitment to global relationships means it is well-positioned for the future. However, it must continue to work with stakeholders to build relationships and create innovative solutions. Technology can be instrumental in simplifying the insurance proposition, increasing transparency and emphasizing the industry’s role as an ‘enabler of lifestyles’.  


What we learnt from over 5000 pages of regulatory disclosure

Insurance companies published their Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (‘SFCR’) for the first time on 20 May 2017, giving us more insight into the financial condition of insurers in the UK than ever before. PwC have looked at the SFCRs of 69 UK companies, a total of over 5000 pages.

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