Understanding risk and regulatory developments

Bringing you the latest analysis of emerging risks, regulatory changes and hot topics impacting the UK financial services industry.

The regulatory agenda is entering a new phase

Financial services firms are working under more complex regulation and facing greater external threats that are ever more difficult to adapt to. It’s easy to be afraid of putting a foot wrong. But let’s not forget that without risk, there would be no financial services sector.

Our dedicated team of experts scan the risk and regulatory horizon across the asset management, banking and insurance sectors, with a focus on key issues and initiatives such as ESG, financial crime, wholesale market reform and the FCA consumer duty. We actively engage in dialogue with clients, regulators and industry bodies to bring you insights about the changing regulatory landscape and its impact on your business.

With the Government having recently set out a substantial package of announcements through the Edinburgh Reforms, to support its vision for an open, sustainable, technologically advanced and globally competitive financial services sector, staying on top of the agenda is more important than ever as we enter this new phase of regulation.

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