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Technology-enabled HR transformation

The challenge

Financial services (FS) is being transformed, and with it the talent FS organisations need to succeed, where they come from and what they want from their careers. With this comes the need for new skills, an innovative and agile mind-set, and new ways of attracting, motivating and organising your people.

By 2020, the bulk of routine transactional tasks will have been automated. Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will also have taken on an increasing number of high value functions in areas such as trading, underwriting and financial advice. The challenge isn’t just ensuring you have the right systems in place, but judging what role your people will play as they’re increasingly required to work alongside AI.

In just a few years, the make-up of your workforce and how it’s recruited, organised and rewarded will look very different from today. In turn, the role and function of HR will have been overhauled.

Our services

Our global team of experts offers a range of services from strategy through to execution for financial services.

HR technology strategy

Navigating the cultural, behavioural and organisational issues that stand in the way of your competitive advantage

  • Helping you select the right HR platform for your business, considering the unique ways in which you work and the outcomes you seek to deliver.
  • Understanding your starting point on the journey to the cloud in order to establish the best path to delivering your outcomes.
  • Supporting you to apply a strategic vision and agree a roadmap whilst replacing legacy systems and consolidating suppliers.
  • Working with you to consider all the options for rapid and safe transformational change.


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Cloud readiness assessments

Preparing to maximise your investment in cloud

  • Analysing existing systems and related processes and behaviours to assess maturity. Identifying challenges and opportunities associated with a move to the cloud, using innovative and interactive assessments in our toolkit.
  • Bringing a realistic perspective to change and suggesting the best ways to prepare for large-scale transformation in a regulated environment that often takes longer to adapt than other industries.


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HR technology implementation

Supporting the transformation journey from inception to living with your new technology

Oracle HCM Cloud

  • Connecting to our global network of over 250 Oracle specialists to build and embed a world class and future-proof HR solution.
  • Using our global implementation expertise in multiple territories and Financial institutions to share with you our view on how to overcome and thrive in the face of industry, functional, regulatory and local issues.


  • Streamlining and simplifying business processes in an intuitive and user-friendly solution that transforms HR and Finance.
  • Sharing insights from our own Workday implementation at PwC to maximise the positive impact on your people and maintain excitement and momentum for this consumer-ready platform.

SAP SuccessFactors

  • Utilising over 25 years experience delivering SAP technology to lead successful transformation.
  • Deploying a well-engineered system that provides a proven platform for people management, risk and cost control, and compliance particularly through identifying, attracting and developing talent in your organisation.


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HR solution architecture

Redesigning and optimising your systems architecture

  • Assessing and optimising your HR systems landscape to create a simple and seamlessly connected solution.
  • Supporting you to consolidate suppliers and systems and decommissioning quickly and safely to realise cost saving and integration benefits.
  • Collaborating with you to design the optimal HR Operating Model and post-production support model that is safe and sustainable.


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HR application management and support

Managing the continuous development of your cloud-based solution

  • Helping you maximise return on investments by constantly improving and updating your solution.
  • Enabling evolution by working with you to adapt to new needs and grow with your business.
  • Solving your technical problems and answering your questions, whenever you need us.


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Integration with core platforms

Connecting systems and data to reduce risk, increase productivity and minimise costs

  • Establishing a seamlessly connected set of tools for your people is fundamental in ensuring their adoption.
  • Building robust and adaptable interfaces between siloed systems to create the best experience for your employees.
  • Bringing disparate data together to provide real time visual analysis so that leaders can take holistic and evidence-based decisions.


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Functional, security and technical accelerators

Accelerating programme delivery

  • Giving you a head start in providing accurate data and decisions without delay, using accelerators that have been developed by global teams of experts drawing on extensive programme experience.
  • Adapting templates and example deliverables to speed up and de-risk your programme while tailoring them to your organisation.


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HR implementation audit services

Managing risks throughout your HR technology deployment

  • Assessing your HR technology deployment to give you the confidence and assurance to operate in a digital world.
  • Providing an impartial perspective on the quality and fit of your new solution and offering alternative and complementary suggestions for delivering your outcomes to time and budget.
  • Anticipating obstacles and delays to your project timeline and mitigating risks of failure or disappointment.


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HR functional effectiveness

Ensuring your HR Function is operating effectively

  • Supporting you to align business objectives and HR priorities.
  • Reviewing your employee lifecycle processes and operating model to identify and implement improvements which suit your needs - whether that be increasing productivity, reducing costs, measuring performance, or removing complexity and improving efficiency.


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Explore how else we can help you with business-led technology transformation

Accelerate digital transformation in financial services


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