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Enterprise Bot

Founders: Pranay Jain & Ravina Mutha
Country of origin: India

Enterprise Bot intends to disrupt customer care within the financial industry by using AI powered virtual assistants. The white-labeled solution that can be deployed on various platforms, reduces contact center costs by 85% and wait time for end users by 90%.

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Europe One

Founders: Anton Sergeev, Richard Unger, Liuba Slobodeniuk, Martin Damaske & Philip Buschmann
Country of origin: Germany

Your Borderless Bank: on your phone - in your pocket - wherever you are. 

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Founder: Jan-Michael Gorecki 
Country of origin: UK

Kyolab bridges the gap between compliance and mobile messaging. Regulated financial services must retain all electronic communications, otherwise risk multi-million dollar fines. We help our clients by archiving mobile messaging such as WhatsApp and WeChat, providing an audit trail and dispute resolution.

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Founders: Lukas Zoerner & Julien Deray
Country of origin: UK

MoBILLity helps consumers save money on their recurring bills effortlessly. Through connecting financial and non-financial data, moBILLity enables consumers to unlock significant savings on their bills through a chat based solution.

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Pace Invoice

Founders: James Shattock & Nic Gidaracos
Country of origin: UK

Pace Invoice helps SME’s to receive payments from their international customer base. The platform combines invoicing and payment processing capabilities in one simple-to-use account.

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Founders: Luka Ivicevic, Sir Gabriel Holbach & Lav Odorovic
Country of origin: Germany

Penta is a digital bank for high-tech businesses.

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Founders: Luigi Telesca, Nevio Boscarol & Mahfuzul Islam
Country of origin: Italy

Trakti's P2P platform helps companies cut 30% of their operational costs linked to contract negotiation by allowing them to seamlessly connect, negotiate and close deals online with counterparts.

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Zenith One

Founders: Jacek Wojcik & Krzysztof Klein
Country of origin: UK

Zenith One is an intelligent white label platform designed for Financial Advisors to capture the next generation of investors more profitably, meet the growing online and mobile communication demands and enhance controls and regulatory compliance.

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Founders: Yan Gloukhovski, Mohamed Rahmatalla
Country of origin: UK

Zeroflows enables asset managers to access first hand information and hard to find liquidity in emerging and frontier stock markets.

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Founders: Nigel Verdon & Clive Mitchell
Country of origin: UK

Railsbank is the platform that connects the FinTech world to global banking in 5 lines of code.

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