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FinTech for All Charter

Diversity and inclusion charter for FinTech #FintechForAll

What is the FinTech for All Charter?

The FinTech For All Charter is an industry-led initiative to end harassment and promote diversity within the FinTech sector. The Charter is a commitment to increase diversity and inclusion across the sector, and PwC is delighted to be one of the founding signatory organisations.

The Charter has been led by InChorus and supported by Innovate Finance, the FinTech Alliance, and Level39, with the Financial Conduct Authority supporting the steering committee. The need for the Charter became clear after InChorus carried out a survey and revealed high levels of workplace harassment in UK FinTech. 

  • 85%

    of workplace harassment is gender based with high incidents of ‘everyday sexism’

  • 84%

    of FinTech sector employees have been harassed more than once

  • 10%

    of the incidents logged were instances of ‘unwanted physical contact’ such as groping.*

Our pledge

By signing the Charter we are pledging to create a culture where inclusive behaviour is championed, harassment is not tolerated, and diversity is widely promoted in order to futureproof UK FinTech and enable sustainable growth. We agree to tackle harassment & promote inclusion by:

  • Having one member of our senior executive team accountable for Inclusion & Diversity
  • Creating & promoting an effective Harassment & Bullying (H&B) policy
  • Developing employee awareness around what constitutes harassment & encouraging inclusive practices
  • Providing a range of appropriate reporting channels so that employees can speak up safely
  • Ensuring that action is taken as per our H&B Policy

* Source: FinTech For All 2020 - Industry-wide research project to understand bias & harassment across FinTech


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