The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - protect your reputation and stand out for the right reasons

On 25th May 2018 the GDPR comes into force, so the next year represents a major opportunity to transform your approach to privacy, harness the value of your data, and ensure your organisation is fit for the digital economy.

Although not all organisations will be compliant by May 2018, the regulator will need to see that robust plans are in place.  

Take a risk-based approach: how can we help you

By focussing on your data privacy culture, access governance and protecting yourself from data breaches you are more likely to achieve clear, comprehensive oversight and control of the risks and opportunities that the GDPR will bring.  

Your data privacy culture: your people are your first line of defence to protect your organisation's data

Employee behavior is critical to the success of GDPR. Employees interact with data at many different stages of the data cycle; from collecting data through to processing, securing and deleting data. You need to help employees understand their role and responsibilities in these activities and help them develop the right data behaviours. These behaviours need to be embedded in organisational rituals and routines; they will then become the norm and second nature to everyone in the organisation. Contact our data privacy culture expert.

AccessAble: when it comes to access management, where are you blindspots?

How do you ensure that the right people have access to the right information? AccessAble can help you meet these GDPR challenges, delivering a fully-functional access governance tool, providing greater security at a lower cost. Read more about how to secure your business.

BreachAid: helping you protect what matters most

Our experienced team of incident response professionals can help at any stage of a breach - whether you need initial guidance and advice or you need to take more immediate action. Our trusted BreachAid specialists are ready to help investigate, contain and resolve all kinds of cyber, privacy and data breaches. Read more about minimise harm from cyber attacks here.

Ongoing implementation and regulatory scrutiny

We can also help you assess your GDPR maturity compared to your industry and show you where in your organisation you might have gaps.  We can help with your business case and programme plan and assure your GDPR programme, helping you to avoid the most common pitfalls and help you establish broad engagement across the organisation. We can assist in the event of adverse scrutiny from regulators, civil claims and in relation to criminal liability.

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