LBIE has currently identified some 5,350 counterparties which could be potential unsecured creditors and with whom the Administrators continue to correspond with regard to the claims agreement process and to inform them of progress in the LBIE Administration.

One of the important tools for communication to such counterparties is through this website. As such, the Administrators continue to provide information updates for unsecured creditors on this micro-site as is necessary. Please refer to these pages, which may answer your query, before contacting us.


If you are a counterparty of LBIE who believes they may have an unsecured claim then you should read the links on this page for background information:

Unsecured Creditors' Claim Submission Information

In order for the Joint Administrators to admit claims for dividend in the administration of LBIE, allunsecured creditors will need to submit a Proof of Debt, accompanied, where relevant, by a valuation statement.

The Administrators have provided potential unsecured creditors with a secure mechanism for submission of their Proofs of Debt in an expedient and consistent manner via LBIE’s creditor portal (the "LBIE Creditor Portal") which has been open since July 2010. This provides a structured framework for all counterparties to submit details of their unsecured claims against the LBIE estate. Valuation statements can be submitted by attaching them to the Proof of Debt in the Creditor Portal.

We continue to encourage you to go to the LBIE Creditor Portal website as soon as possible, log on and submit your Proof of Debt using the unique username and password provided to counterparties by the Administration. If you have questions regarding your log on details please email the following mailbox: have provided you with guidance notes on the Creditor Portal to assist you with the submission of your claim.

If you have previously submitted information regarding your unsecured claim through the earlier creditor portal launched in October 2008 your claim has been logged, however, you will still need to submit a Proof of Debt (accompanied, where relevant, by a valuation statement) through the current LBIE Creditor Portal using the log on details above.

A creditor who has already submitted a valuation statement must ensure that it has also filed a Proof of Debt in the LBIE Creditor Portal, cross referring to the valuation statement(s) and confirming the net value of its claim. Please note: LBIE may contact you to discuss your claim or request further information, even if you have already submitted a Proof of Debt and/or Valuation Statement.

No acknowledgement as to the admissibility or validity of claims for dividend purposes is given or implied and all rights with regard to validity of claims, including, without limitation, the applicability of any netting or rights of set-off or the treatment of collateral are fully reserved.