Alison Grant

Alison Grant

Director, PwC United Kingdom

Alison has extensive experience of leading reviews of medium to large sizedbusinesses, accelerated M&A transactions and corporate insolvencies. Shehas advised both debtors and creditors in difficult situations, using herstrong communication and coaching skills to encourage stakeholders to worktogether to develop realistic solutions for the problems the business isfacing.
Alison has also spent time at a major UK bank working with customersexperiencing financial difficulties.
She is also a qualified insolvency practitioner.

Highlights of Alison's recent experience include:

Over 10 years experience in business recovery, including distressed shareand business sales, reviews and corporate insolvencies, examples include:

  • Project Shark, share sale of a business in difficulty - £8m bankdebt.
  • Project Magpie, pre pack administration - £1.7m bank debt.
  • Alldays plc, pre pack receivership of 600 store retail group.
  • H C Troldahl, administration - going concern sale - £900k bank debt.
  • Food processing group, review of £160m turnover group - bank debt£30m.
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