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Payroll is becoming increasingly complex, with more scrutiny from regulatory and tax authorities than ever before. By partnering with PwC and using our approach to transforming payroll delivery, our clients have been able to minimise compliance risk, streamline processes, standardise controls and improve efficiency and flexibility.

In our experience, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’, when it comes to payroll. Clients need solutions that can meet different needs in different locations that can help them realise efficiencies, minimise compliance risk and provide a consistent experience for their HR/Payroll teams and employees.

Our team of payroll specialists work alongside our employment tax, HR and legal specialists and provide payroll delivery, technical advice, consulting support and project management to meet all your payroll challenges. By taking a consistent coordinated approach we can help transform your end to end payroll operation to provide a consistent experience for you and your staff, to minimise compliance risk and reduce the total costs of operating payroll.

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How we can help

Domestic payroll

Payroll is becoming more complex and changes in legislation are constant. Plus as tax authorities have greater access to real-time information they have more visibility and therefore there is increasing scrutiny from them as well as governments and the press over tax due. Which means the cost of attracting and retaining skilled expertise to support you is increasing.

Our team of qualified payroll specialists provide managed payroll services and payroll advice to you to navigate this complex landscape. We specialise in dealing with complexity and confidentiality, supporting payrolls ranging from 1 employee to 1000+ employees.

Shadow payroll

With more globally mobile employees, organisations are struggling with the complexities and challenges around payroll compliance and in country reporting. Our end to end payroll managed service ensures global compliance, standard processes, a consistent approach and minimises compliance risk.

Through our extensive network of payroll experts we are able to provide the relevant technical expertise, advice, compliance and consulting to ensure a managed payroll service for all your payroll challenges.

Global payroll

Many organisations have implemented or are implementing a cloud based Human Capital Management (HCM) system but are facing challenges with the following:

  • How to provide an employee experience that is consistent and compatible with that provided by your cloud based HCM and finance systems.
  • How to automate and integrate your global payroll operation with the cloud based HCM and finance systems, to reduce the need for manual intervention and to make the end to end payroll process as efficient as possible.
  • How to introduce standard processes and controls to manage and minimise their compliance risk.
  • How to retain the flexibility you need to support change and growth.

We help organisations transform their end-to-end payroll operations and generate savings of up to 30%.

Payroll consultancy

Accessing professional payroll support is essential to helping organisations achieve their business objectives.

We advise on:

  • Global Payroll Strategy
  • Payroll Target Operating Model
  • Payroll Rationalisation
  • Testing and Data Support
  • Managing Payroll Transformation

Working on site or remotely, our payroll consultants can provide expert advice and support wherever and whenever you need them.

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