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Are you having problems with your payroll? Do you lack the in-house expertise to improve payroll accuracy, efficiency or compliance? Are you capitalising on the insights that your payroll data can provide?

Many people see payroll’s function as purely paying people correctly and on time, yet it is so much more. It manages what can often be an employer’s largest expense, carrying with it the risk of underpayments, while pay and hours data can unlock valuable insights.

Historically, payroll has been seen as a low risk function that is generally automated (or outsourced). It rarely troubles the higher levels of management, as long as it is running smoothly. To that extent, many organisations may not have given payroll a great deal of time, attention or the investment that is deserves.

The last few years, especially through furlough calculations and national minimum wage compliance activity, has meant that many employers are now looking to support payroll by implementing more effective controls to manage risk, and incorporating technological advancements and data analytics to unlock payroll’s true value.

The pressure to deliver accurate, timely and compliant payroll remains a priority. Today, it’s made more complicated than ever with the increasing complexity of payroll legislation, constant scrutiny from regulatory authorities, new technologies and the ongoing challenge of building and retaining a payroll team with the right skills.

Making sure your payroll operation has the right systems, controls and people is essential to mitigate risks and to unlock payroll's true potential.

Our team of CIPP qualified payroll professionals, human resource (HR) practitioners, technology experts and employment tax specialists work together to help unleash the potential of your payroll. This helps to build trust with your workforce and deliver sustained outcomes for your business.

Our services:

Payroll Due Diligence

There are many reasons why employers may choose to complete a payroll due diligence exercise. These can include a high rate of error, high staff turnover, concerns raised by internal audit teams or financial penalties from tax authorities. This exercise in essence comprises a diagnostic or health check of your existing payroll processes, controls and team skill sets to determine where potential weaknesses may exist in order for targeted remediation and strengthening to take place.  


As payrolls can often be complex, where an error has occurred, addressing the issue is likely to have a number of stages to ensure that the full extent of the issue is known, that it’s addressed and that steps are taken to prevent it occurring again. We have a tried and tested methodology to support you through all of these stages needed to identify, resolve and prevent the problem for the future.

Emergency support

We can provide hands-on support to your business if your payroll team becomes unavailable or is unable to complete the payroll process unexpectedly. This support can be delivered remotely or onsite to provide the help you need, when you need it most.

Insights and analytics

Payroll data can provide valuable business insights regarding how your workforce is deployed and how your payroll spend is being utilised. In our experience most organisations do not capitalise on this wealth of information and we work with them to access and interpret this data on a regular basis.


Ensuring that your payroll team, at all grades, has the necessary skills and experience is critical for payroll success. We support businesses with training at all levels within the payroll team, from administrators who are new to the team, all the way through to experienced heads of payroll.  

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