Employee Expense Analysis

Helping deliver additional value to your expenses analysis process in the UK and globally

Why is this important?

  • The tax analysis of expenses can be inefficient, risky and time-consuming due to poor data and manual processes.
  • Across the world tax authorities require employers to tax certain benefits and expenses provided to their employees.
  • The rules determining taxability can be complex which, when coupled with large amounts of data, can lead to resource intensive, cumbersome processes or can expose employers to incorrect reporting risk.

The three biggest challenges clients have outlined include:

How we can help

The PwC and Blue dot tax technology proposition provides organisations with market-leading tax technology and deep, local tax and automation experience. You could benefit from:

Reduced time sourcing data

API technology has connections with the major expenses and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,reducing the challenges of data collection and enabling real-time analysis.

Improved data quality

AI-enabled image recognition technology enables better quality data, improved validation and easier manual review adding robustness to tax decision-making.

Easy to implement

'Out of the box' legislative rules for a number of countries with efficient configuration for each client/ country.

PwC and Blue dot’s combined proposition offers unique and market-leading technology to support clients by streamlining and simplifying their tax analysis process. With real-time data analysis, improved data quality and a configuration that applies to countries across the world, this platform will save businesses time and unlock better insights more efficiently. Clients will benefit from PwC's tax authority expertise with a solution that drives real results.

PwC and Blue dot work together to support clients with:

  • Market-leading technology platform
  • Expert tax technology services
  • Tax authority expertise

About Blue dot

Founded in 2013, Blue dot is a market pioneer in the tax tech arena, having developed the first technology-based and dynamically updated tax platform for employee-driven transactions in the market. The Blue dot tax compliance platform harnesses digitisation, tax data compliance and automation to process and analyse a company's employee spend data for value-added tax and taxable employee benefits. As a privately held company, Blue dot's technological breakthrough has raised more than $100M in private equity funding and attracted a large portfolio of Fortune 500 clients. Blue dot is fully dedicated to providing its clients with value, not only in terms of process savings and ROI, but especially in the peace of mind that comes from full compliance. For more information visit www.bluedotcorp.com.

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