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Customs services

We can help you transform the way you navigate customs compliance, and help you to compete successfully in a fast-changing world. With today’s trade challenges, this is vital. Business as usual is not an option.

Keep your goods moving

Transforming customs by helping you thrive in a complex world. 

The realities of global trade are changing fast. After Brexit and the economic shock created by Covid-19,  organisations face new challenges to ensure they keep goods flowing efficiently across borders. Emerging climate and resource risks mean supply chains need to be resilient and sustainable. Navigating the new world we are in requires a new approach to business, and our Customs Services can help you optimise your journey.

We are not your standard Customs provider, we can help address all business needs with end-to-end support.  Our global network has decades of experience in customs, declarations, trade, tax, legal, supply chain and other services.

We invest in technology solutions to simplify manual processes, reducing paperwork and optimising how business should operate. We create a data-driven foundation for continuous improvement, ensuring your organisation remains fit for the future.

"The future requires an approach that’s cost-efficient and scalable, automated and digitalised. We work with organisations to help transform for the future of trade.

Martin Blanche, Partner

Key benefits

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Industry specialists with business understanding

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Full customs service provider, for all your business needs

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Competitively priced

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Part of PwC global network, supported by UK, EU and Global Tax specialists

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Invested in supporting your business with ESG requirements

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Quality, services focussed on accuracy and speed


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Martin Blanche

Martin Blanche

Partner, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7725 706670

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