PwC’s Digital Tax Academy

Our tax training at your fingertips

PwC’s Digital Tax Academy: Our tax training at your fingertips

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Today’s organisations are subject to an increasingly complex tax system and must constantly ensure that staff have the required skills to preempt and address emerging tax risks. In light of this businesses are asking: “How do we ensure our teams have the skills and expertise to navigate current and future challenges?”

Our digital tax training solution

Digital Tax Academy (DTA) is a suite of tax training resources, designed by our subject matter experts and delivered via our cutting edge learning platform, Learning Lab. We’ve designed a tax curriculum to help you equip your team with the necessary skills to address emerging tax risks and to empower your staff to build their technical expertise across a range of tax specialisms. 

  • The curriculum can be personalised to meet your business needs and detailed analytics can help you track your team's engagement, depth of understanding and completion of the curriculum.

  • The platform is underpinned by an intelligent algorithm which periodically tests learners on their knowledge of the content. People using the platform, compared to classroom based training, retain 30% more of what they learn, in 10% less time.

How does it work?

You can purchase annual access to our full range of tax courses or choose tailored courses to suit your specific needs.

  • High quality training, designed by our subject matter experts and based on our own tax learning and development programme.
  • Consistent course format and approach to learning helps your team develop new skills and an in-depth knowledge in specialist tax areas.

  • This approach helps you address the individual learning needs of your staff, helping them develop vital technical capabilities effectively.
  • Our responsive web-based application is accessible anytime, anywhere, enabling the skills and behaviours to be embedded around other commitments.

  • Our innovative platform helps people understand and retain the learning material and develop their long term skills.
  • Detailed learning analytics provide you with a better understanding of your team’s technical capabilities.

How are our clients using DTA?

Addressing immediate tax risks

Navigating new regulations

Organisations need to ensure that people across their businesses understand any new regulations and are able to react and prepare effectively.

With our range of technical courses, PwC provides leading training and guidance to interpret legislation and its impact on your organisation. Our content is full of real life examples, helping your team apply their learning to new complex tax regulations.

Developing in-depth expertise

Taking on new areas of expertise

Many tax teams are required to develop new skills and knowledge as technical changes emerge, business activities develop or internal roles and responsibilities change.

We recognise the challenge for our clients to upskill quickly and effectively in order to react to these changes. We have developed a suite of advanced tax courses aimed at specialist tax practitioners to help your team develop in-depth knowledge and expertise.


Getting new staff up to speed

New joiners

We recognise the challenge that tax teams face in developing clear and structured learning and development plans for new technical staff. This is even more challenging when face to face learning is not possible.

Our suite of foundation level courses across tax areas and specialisms can provide your staff with the right level of expertise to start their careers.

Building expertise throughout your business

Upskilling non-tax staff

It is becoming increasingly important for business decisions to be made with tax in mind. More non-tax staff need to understand key tax rules and to identify opportunities and risks earlier in the business decision process.

Our foundation level courses can assist finance and accounting staff in performing key tax and accounting functions, while our suite of tax risk management training can ensure business teams identify relevant tax risks and raise them with you.

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