VAT e-file spreadsheet

Need to comply with HMRC's Making Tax Digital, but don't want to switch from using Excel? Now you don't have to.

PwC has developed an Excel based tool that bridges the gap between your spreadsheet based UK VAT return and HMRC.  Our simple MTD compliant and HMRC listed macro enabled workbook will allow you to submit your return directly to HMRC from your desktop without going through a 3rd party and without the need for complex cloud based environments.

1 year license costs £150 for each VAT registration number. We also offer options for a 2 year license (£260+VAT), 3 year license (£350+VAT) and discounts are available to agents requiring 10 licenses or more.

PwC’s Excel based MTD solution is listed by HMRC on their recognised software providers list.  Reviewed by Microsoft, the service never exposes any of your sensitive VAT return data to anyone other than HMRC.  Safe, simple and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Want to check it out?

Our VAT e-file spreadsheet can be accessed via this button. The solution will not be active, so you'll not be able to submit any VAT returns until you have signed up, but it will give you a chance to take a look at the solution.

Existing Subscriber?

The latest version of our VAT e-file spreadsheet can be accessed here. As you have already subscribed to the service the spreadsheet will be active and you will be able to submit your VAT returns as normal.

We frequently update our software to improve performance and to comply with changing HMRC requirements. Therefore, we advise all of our users to download the latest version of our software from our website for each compliance cycle. From version 2.0.0 onwards, the software will alert users if and when a later version of the PwC VAT e-File service is available.

Please note this product is suitable for users operating Windows and Excel 2007 and higher only. The service is not compatible with Mac devices or Chinese language machines



How does it work?

When it comes to helping our clients to comply with Making Tax Digital, our preference is to keep things simple. Experience tells us that like most accountants, business owners rely heavily on spreadsheets rather than their accounting software to calculate their VAT returns. 

So we've built a simple API connector that allows you submit your UK VAT return direct to HMRC using a spreadsheet. That's not to say that your accounting software can't do the same job, it's just that spreadsheets are so much simpler to use.

For a small annual fee, we'll provide you with access to your very own PwC excel e-file. From there all you need to do is simply link the cells from your own spreadsheet to the PwC excel e-file, select submit return, and you're done. It really is that easy.

Easy to set up

The VAT e-file spreadheet is the easy way to Making Tax Digital. Simply create an account, choose your licence, and download the spreadsheet. Once you've entered your figures, send it to HRMC.

Step 1 - Download spreadsheet

To purchase the VAT e-file spreadsheet firstly either login or register. Once your business has been validated*, select your licence type and purchase the solution. You will then be sent a link to download the spreadsheet and get started.

Step 2 - Input your figures

Enter your figures into the VAT e-file spreadsheet by digitally linking the cells between your spreadsheets. When all your details are correct you'll be ready to submit your return to HMRC.

Step 3 - Submit to HMRC

Through the spreadsheet you will be able to connect with the Government Gateway website and obtain your authentication code. You'll then be ready to submit your return with a touch of a button. HMRC will then issue a submission ID confirming reciept of your return.

*PwC's VAT e-file solution is available to any unrestricted business


Looking to renew your subscription?

If you have previously subscribed to the service there are two ways to renew your subscription.

1. If you registered through our previous website ( please create an account and renew your subscription here. You will be guided through the new registration process but should you have any questions please contact our support team ( Please note that if you have remaining time left on your current subscription your subscription end date on your new account will be extended to reflect this.

2. If you originally registered through this website you should see your existing registrations listed when you go through the standard purchase process. If you hover over the ‘i’ icon the subscription end date will be shown for each VRN registration. To renew, please select how many years you would like to add to each registration and complete the standard payment process. Once complete, the renewal period will be added to your existing subscription end date.

Explore the spreadsheet

Click here to download and test drive our demonstration spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will not be active, so you'll not be able to submit any VAT returns until you have signed up, but it will give you a chance to take a look at the solution.


Our one year licence costs £150+VAT, two year licence £260+VAT, and three year licence £350+VAT. Volume based discounts are available where you manage more than 10 VAT Registration Numbers – please visit our FAQs page for more information

Free for charities

We are pleased to offer our Making Tax Digital solution free to charities. This is a special offer only available to the charitable sector. NB: You will need to be a charity registered in the UK and have your charity number to hand when you apply.


We have a different pricing model for those businesses filing multiple VAT returns on behalf of their clients. The pricing is more tailored and appropriate to the volume being processed. More information can be found here.

Help & FAQs

A user guide is included in the tool and we recommend you watch this video before completing your spreadsheet. Further help can also be found in our FAQs section. 

Contact us

For any queries regarding the VAT e-file spreadsheet, whether you have already purchased or just a have a question, please contact the support inbox ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible.