Raise Investment

"I want to be valued without giving too much away"

“Our success is linked to yours'”

You’ve worked hard. Your business is a success. And now you’re ready to scale up. All you need is the chance to show investors what you’ve got.

Raise Investment is a face-to-face service to help scale-ups like you give yourselves the best chance of securing Series A funding (£1m - £20m+) by making sure you’re investor ready, introducing you to venture capital firms and family offices and working with you to help you get the terms that's right for you and your business.

If you’re looking for a significant institutional funding round, you’ve come to the right place. Raise offers two different propositions: the Raise Programme and Raise +. Both of these will make sure you’re investor-ready, then gets you in front of our network of serious potential investors.

Raise Programme

The programme includes a series of masterclasses focused exclusively on getting your suite of documents in order, get pitch ready, and super charges you for your raise.

You'll engage with active investors throughout the programme, with representatives from top tier VCs presenting to you each week. 

At the end of the programme, you’ll pitch to a curated room of over 60 venture capital firms and family offices, and following any investor interest, receive support on guiding you through the negotiations and getting a deal that's right for your business. We charge 5% of funds successfully raised, no fixed feed, no retainers, in cash not equity, so our success is dependent on yours.

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Raise Investment +

Raise Investment + is a bespoke one-to-one for raising Series A (£1m+). We will work with you as you prefer, adaptable to your needs, to get you investor ready and sucessfully raise your Series A.

Once you are ready, we will work together to shortlist the investors that could be of interest, and facilitate warm introductions.

Our fee structure is dependent on your success and is flexible depending upon the level of support you need.

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