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"I want to be valued without giving too much away"

“Our success is linked to yours'”

You’ve worked hard. Your business is a success. And now you’re ready to scale up. All you need is the chance to show investors what you’ve got.
Raise Investment is a face-to-face service to help scale-ups like you give yourselves the best chance of securing Series A funding (£1m-£10m and beyond) by making sure you’re investor ready, introducing you to venture capital firms and Family Officers and working with you to help you get the terms that's right for you and your business.


How does it work?

Raise Investment offers two different propositions: the Raise Programme and Raise Investment +. Both of these will make sure you’re investor-ready, then gets you in front of our network of serious potential investors.

Raise Programme

If you’re looking for your first round of institutional funding (post family and friends) you’ve come to the right place. We’ve teamed up with the Accelerator Network and White Horse Capital to run an eight-week part-time programme to help up to ten scale-ups raise Series A.

Much like our sister Scale-up proposition, it includes a series of masterclasses. However, in the case of the Raise Programme, we focus exclusively on getting you investor and pitch ready.

At the end of the programme, you’ll take part in a Dragon’s Den-style pitch to 80+ Venture Capital and Family Offices.

But it doesn’t end there. Together with our Investment Advisory partner, White Horse Capital, you’ll also receive hands-on support with an investor who is right for you (we hope you’ll have a few). All to help you to draw out the best offer to enable you to receive the optimum terms for you and your business.

If required, PwC can provide legal support and act for you through to completion as an additional service.

It all adds up to a pretty compelling package for you. Assuming that you’re serious.

We charge 5% of funds raised, so our success is dependent on yours.

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Raise Investment +

Raise Investment + is a bespoke one-to-one service which offers a range of services to get you investor ready to raise investment from VCs and Family Offices.

Sometimes you need the personal touch. This tailor-made service matches you to the right team with a cross section of expertise and depending on the level of support you require, can work alongside you throughout the fund-raising process to give you the best chance of securing the investment you need.

If you’re looking to raise Series A (>£1m) and need a team to work with you from start to finish (including investor introductions) we can help. If you need help in preparing for smaller Seed funding we can also do that. Our service is completely flexible and can be scaled up or down depending on your needs and budget.

No matter what you need, we always start by getting to know you and your business before the process of investor readiness begins. From there on, your PwC team can review and advise you on your business plan, valuation drivers, financial model, and if required, we’ll help you to develop a pitch document that investors will find compelling. You will also be challenged on typical investor questions and coached on your pitch technique.

At the end of the process, for those looking for Series A funding, we can also arrange meetings with hand-picked VC/Family Office investors who have shown a clear interest in investing in your sector.

We charge a fixed fee and a % fee of any investment raise negotiated based upon the level of support you need.

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