Our non-financial performance

Being transparent about our performance is a key principle that underpins our Purpose. It also helps us to meet the growing expectations of our stakeholders for specific non financial information. We keep track of our progress in several ways, and aim to use the same approaches to our measurement and reporting that we recommend to our clients.

We measure and report transparently against a comprehensive series of metrics and targets in our non-financial scorecard. This supports the narrative in our Annual Report, and all of the data has been independently assured.

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We periodically estimate our net contribution to the economy, using our unique Total Impact Measurement & Management (TIMM) framework. This applies a financial value to our economic, tax, social and environmental impacts.

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We’ve been recognised in several awards and benchmarks relating to responsible business, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, environmental performance, and supply chain management.

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We maintain several management systems to recognised standards to help us continuously improve our processes.

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We publish case studies about programmes we’ve pioneered, to share insights and the lessons we’ve learned with others.

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